That’s Gamertainment – The top five fools of April



April Fool’s day is great! It’s the one day of the year where you can openly deceive anyone you want without being labeled a jerk afterward. Usually I try to create an original April Fools post for the site, but this year I decided to post the top five April 1st ‘announcements’ I found on the internet because they’re way funnier than anything I could come up with. Enjoy!



5. Super Duper Street Fighter 4




Street Fighter 4 is easily Capcom’s greatest IP since they gave Mega Man the ol’ heave ho for some odd reason. As such they try to keep it going as long as possible by releasing ‘new’ versions like Super Street Fighter 4 or the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4. Even though fans like myself will always buy the new version because, ‘Hey! It’s Street Fighter!’, but we all know that their doing. Well Capcom isn’t going to let the fan base stop their roll as they just announced the next Street Fighter 4 title – all I got to say its Duper.





4. Titanfall: Optimus Prime DLC




Titanfall, for all my nitpicks, is still holding strong as a multiplayer title to while away the hours; so naturally they’re going to strike while the iron is hot with some DLC that is just prime. That’s right, the leader of the heroic Autobots will be players next Titan. Now although Optimus is a peaceful, diplomatic being when the freedoms of all sentient live forms are bring threaten he’ll throwdown like any giant death machine. My only complaint is where’s Megatron?! It ain’t a true metal on metal warfare without the brutal master of the Decepticons. Oh well – I guess we’ll have to wait til the next DLC for meggsy.




3. Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished




Ah Blizzard, if there’s one gaming developer that’s willing to give supporting and butt monkey characters there time in the sun it’s them. Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished is a new fighting (a la Divekick) game in development where it takes those oh so sorry background extras and gives them a chance at the impossible: meaning a crap. From motivational dead wives to magic addicted wannabe rulers Vengeance of the Vanquished has a wide, varied cast of losers to pick from. The stages are as familiar as the bland characters they’re based from, and moves set so broken that you’ll be asking your money back in record time. Want to play a game so bad it’s bad in a bad way, then Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished will give you all that and less this holiday season.






2. Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge




Let’s see, Google has:


  • Email
  • Maps
  • Apps
  • Calendars
  • Web Browsers
  • Tablets
  • Translators
  • Finance stuff
  • Google + no one uses


So why not Pokémon Masters? Yep Google announced yesterday (to throughout today) that they are looking for a Pokémon Master to work for Google. Using the Google map app on your smartphone they want applicants to get as many Pokémon entries as they can by exploring all over the world through forests, deserts, icecaps and yes grasslands. For many this is a once in a life time opportunity to not only to work for Google but to be an official Pokémon Master with business cards and everything. I myself would love to take the challenge but I already have a sweet gig exploring the nature of Pokémon’s dreams with Professor Burnet. I think we’re close to a breakthrough.







1. Will Smith NCR



Who doesn’t like Will Smith? That’s right nobody, a skilled TV and Movie actor most of the things he’s in are at least entertaining. However did you know he was a rapper back in the day, bet you didn’t. Well he decided to get back into his roots and release a new album called NCR. It’s not ready yet, but he was nice enough to put on YouTube one completed track as an audio appetizer for the things to come. It’s not bad in my humble opinion but we’ll see how the rest sounds when NCR is completed.





This just in (Or not) – Google video game console


Can this be google’s console mascot? Might as well.

Well it was only a matter of time people, Google has its hands in everything software, hardware , and stuff in between. So it’s only natural they attempt to take a stronger role in the gaming sector by creating a true to life console. Now a lot is still unknown but what is know is that the Google console will be powered byAndroid-based operating system – similar to the Ouya. Also the announcement of this new  gaming machine may have been in response to the rumored Apple console in development right now. Finally both Google and Apple  might be aiming more towards to the inexpensive casual  gamer market with their consoles. Course this is just preliminarily information about a console(s) that hasn’t begun to be see the light of day; so more factoids will be share as its discovered – til then stay tuned.




Real Quick – Google and Apple console annocenments





Yep, you heard right, they’re entering the into the world of Video Game platforms. How and Why? Not sure at this point, but stay tune for more info later.




SOPA & PIPA – The internet strikes back!


The World Wide Web is looking weird today; things are blacked out, whole sites are shut down, and people on message boards are way angrier than usual. What’s going on? Oh that’s right, the U.S. government is trying to bring into law two forms of legislation called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) from both House and Senate. These two Bills are very similar to the S.978 bill we here at Armada posted about last year. In the broad strokes if these Acts become law; they will give the government and IP owners the ability to take off their posted copyrighted work off any website (no matter the context) and effectively shut down the site. It was proposed to fight internet pirates, but I don’t have to tell you how these bills can be misused. From reviews and parodies to simple pictures and the like, all will fall under these Bills and so all sites can be terminated – mines and yours. As a result the internet is under a one day protest, showing what could happen if these Bills comes to law. Heavy hitters like Google and Wikipedia to fan favorites like the Spoony Experiment are all in on the rebel rousing, and so far it is making waves.


Many congressmen (and women to be sure) are now speaking out on the Bills’ scorched earth like solution, as it may cause more harm then good. Despite this however we’re not out of the woods yet; the Senate vote on PIPA is on Tuesday – while SOPA’s House vote won’t come till February. So people, please for the sake of the net itself contact your representatives and say: “We don’t truck with no Pirate, but we love our sites, please don’t kill ours” Thank you.



Update 1/19/12: Good news fokes, thanks to the near total boycotting of the net and the most aggressive peaceful demonstrations across the country; the PIPA bill has lost a total of 18 Senators so it looks like its on its way out. Vigilance however is still advised, it ain’t over til its over.



This just in (or not) – Google+ and Facebook make Bounty Hunting in the future easy to do!


Ah, the dominance of video games continues forward, so much so the two biggest names on the net are vying for your gamer time (or soon will be). Recently Google+, Google’s social network: ‘Faceoogle’ if that helps you, has enabled games to some of their users and more every day. Google+ games are small, colorful, mini games that will at least kill an hour if none of your friends are online at the moment. It’s a small selection now, but it is reported that they will add more games in time. Oh well, you already play Angry Birds on your iPhone, iTouch, Chrome browser, Android phone, and what have you, might as well play it on Google+ as well.



This story isn’t over yet because Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is upping the ante. Everyone knows Facebook is used to keep track of your friends and current events, but surprisingly it hosts quite a bit of mini games as well. Not just solitaire people but proven winners like Farmville or the upcoming ambitious f2p mmo Prime World. Facebook has the gamer market covered and is not letting go without a fight. So they made improvements to their gaming interface, made it easier to track player scores and achievements, and finally a booking marking feature to make getting back to their games that much easier. As for me, I was never a ‘Farmville’ kind of player (although I did dabble in the Harvest Moon series for a time / however the Prime World games has peaked my interests) on this tale of the tape Google+ has a long way to go before they can dethrone the champ.





Finally a new MMO was featured on the MMO Report, it called Bounty Hounds Online. It’s your standard post end of world war three scenario with the players playing as sci fi Bounty Hunters to take down alien and criminal scum. This games’ draw however is that each hunter gets their own Combat & Tactical Unit or CTU; think of them as your own personal transformer that can aid in attacking enemies, defending, or supporting your hunter – which is great, who wouldn’t want their own android girl Friday with rocket launchers attached. Now the good news is they’re in open beta now, the bad news is that it excludes North American for now (or so the website told me when I opened it up, I think I’m going to try to sign up anyway) as a result is holding a beta key give away. Just favorite them on Twitter and Facebook, keep an eye out around Aug. 22, and cross your fingers. Me, myself, I already got Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and Prime World to look forward to on the MMO front so if I don’t get into the beta here no sweat off my back. However if I do get in, play it, and like it; well I guess I got to kick more friends to the curb – I didn’t like them anyway.