This just in (Or not): “Gotham” show on Fox in the near future




The cold war rivalry of Marvel and DC continues on; Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” premiered last week and has done very well. So how will DC counter?  By putting out an extended universe show too, on Fox no less. This one featuring the hometown of Batman titled “Gotham”. The show’s premise is that it follows the adventures & cases of then James Gordon before he becomes the Commish and before the Dark Knight. While the show is still in pre pre pre-creation, it might be both a police procedural and drama. I’ll admit, even though it a prequel, which I hate, I’ll still watch this because it should provide context on the city and characters pre bat (why they can’t do the job once he shows up). Keep your browser on Armada for more “Gotham” news.



This just in (Or not) – Bat in the Burgh

Thanks BC at Highmark for the Pic

Move over Hollywood because there’s another place in America to film movies – and that’s Pittsburgh, PA. For over 60 years movies have been filmed in the city of the three rivers; some famous, others not so much. However the most resent (and most exciting) is “The Dark Knight Rises” the latest in the Batman series of movies. There was a press conference where Christopher Nolan ​and Christian Bale​ said good things about the city itself and promise not to get into the hair of the people there. Well trust me when I say this, for Batman, the city itself will not get in ‘your’ way – at all. It’s not every day one becomes Gotham now is it?