& a happy new year




Well people that’s it for us for the year. Now not everything went well in 2016, but on the whole it was a good year for gaming, entertainment, and for the Video Game Armada. So what’s in store for 2017? Well you’ll have to come back next year to find out. Till then however, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

& a happy new year

Christmas 2015


Another stellar year, another awesome Christmas haul for the Armada staff. Thanks to all of you, 2015 was an excellent year, especially on how we can improve as a fun site for all. But for now we’re taking our holiday days off to relax, recoup, and get ready for 2016. Til then, Merry Christmas!



& a happy new year


Well people we did it! We ran another year without interruption (mostly). Video Game Armada making posts and videos and you good people reading/watching them. 2015 will be a stellar year for the Armada, but for now we here at the Armada will be taking our Christmas Holiday to relax, recoop, and of course enjoy our awesome presents (I got a sweet new Bluetooth speaker which I’ll be making great use out of). Don’t worry though, the VGA will return next January with new articles, topics, and more Let’s Play that will also be Game Reviews in a hybrid I call ‘Let’s Review’. But for now fokes Merry Christmas!




Happy New Year & welcome back to the Video Game Armada



Friends, gamers, countrymen (and women) welcome to the future. I mean it, 2013, isn’t that the year where there is always flying cars, robots, and holodecks. Well all those things may not ready for prime time yet but you know what is? That’s right, Video Game Armada – now with 30% more fans! It’s you all that gives Armada that special something and for that we’ll always be grateful. This year, like the years before, Armada will be full of awesome posts, reviews, and commentary about tech, entertainment and of course Video Games as a whole – starting today. Now I know its the new year and everyone’s ready to move on, but Blu actually found an awesome Christmas video featuring Spyro Skylanders that, for my professional due diligence, I must post. Trust me its worth it.




As for the new year itself – skilled superhero figureer,ItsJustSomeRandomGuy, created some multipurpose vid cards to help people with their resolutions (and our personal amusement as well). Ah people, 2013 is already starting on the good foot.



Old Grudges








New Beginnings




This Is The Year




Poetic License





Update – New 2012 format


It’s 2012 people, I hope you all had an excellent new years. As for me, I’m not fighting a three day hangover; I’m fighting one mutha’ of a cold (my only weakness). So I can’t post any new content today, however I have enough strength to switch the site and the twitter page to the new 2012 colors. I hope you like them. With any luck, there will be some actually content tomorrow. Now if you all excuse me, I got some chicken soup with my name on it.



& a happy new year!


Well people Chirstmas has come and gone. While the presents have been opened for a full day, the playing has just begun. Above is what santa brought me and my family and I’m sure everyone of our viewers have gotten a excellent haul themselves. So to that effect this will be the last post until 2012 so we can all enjoy our toys and come back with renewed goodness. And with that all, see you next year – and have fun.