Let’s Review: PlayStation Live from E3 2017 (Sony’s E3 Press Conference of 2017)


Sony has been on a tear in the console wars thanks to PlayStation exclusives. Will that advantage follow them to the E3 show floor? Click on to see my take on their PlayStation show case.





This just in (Or not): Destiny 2 Gameplay reveal


Who likes trailers? I do, I do! Who likes Destiny? I do I do (And I know you do too, come on admit). So you all should love today’s ‘This just in’.






This just in (Or not): Destiny 2 reveal trailer


Today on This Just In (Or not), we highlight the hottest trailer that everyone’s taking about! No, not that one from Marvel… No, not that one from DC… Again, no, not that other one from Marvel. Wow, there’s been a lot of good trailers this year, but today we talk about Destiny 2. 









My Top Five: Evolve Monster Kills


New segment time people! This one is called ‘My Top Five’ where I show my top five game play feats of the current game I’m playing. My Top Fives will be short but serve as both something to show off and highlight awesome stuff in a game. And with that: My Top Five Evolve monster kills!