Let’s Play a Little: Borderlands 3


Bazillion guns, surreal worlds, half naked men (and now women) wanting to eat my eyelids from the inside out – yep, it’s Borderlands time once again.








Let’s Play a Little: Evolve


Today people I play a little Evolve, because regular hunting is boring, but hunting in outer space on a planet that makes Jurassic park look like a playground, using weapons and skills that Rambo would definitely approve of, fighting a beast that not only can grow it’s own armor but can evolve stronger over time (who can be controlled by another player) – is not boring.







Walkthrough 4 U: Ghost Hunters – JJ Jones



Hey kids (and I mean that) you want to bust ghosts? Well too bad, because in Delight’s latest game you don’t bust ghosts – you hunt them in Ghost Hunters – JJ Jones. Now what makes this story different from the others is that not only is it ghost based (duh), but this story is for first time CYOA readers. A short tale with a few more light hearted elements included should not under estimated however, any adventure book can and will trick you if you’re not careful. It is easier than all the others I’ve done to date, but as per usually if you need a hand look no further than here.




Play it cool

Keep on sleeping



Blow with Mind

Hug him




Let Maria stay

Tell her


Check it out




Heal herself

Try to remember the cat’s name


Use telekinesis


At a knock-knock joke





Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Evolve


Turtle Rock Studios does two things very well: zombies and monsters, so while we wait for Left 4 Dead 3 (hopefully) why don’t you pick up a copy of Evolve for that gamer in your life. This particular title has a high replay valve because players can be one of, at the time of writing, 18 hunters working with 3 three other players in order to take down a giant monster. Or become one of five monsters and evolve up to victory (and of course kill the hunters). With many game modes, character abilities, stages, and random events hosted by Turtle Rock Studios, Evolve will be an almost endless generator of clutch moments and good times.




Game & Gear of 2015: Evolve (02/10/15)


People there is no doubt in my mind that Evolve will be the first great game of the new year. For one it was created by the same people who brought the world Left 4 Dead, so there’s that. For another it is a game that team work is a requirement and not an option (at least for the Hunters), seriously if you try to go John Rambo in Evolve you’ll die real fast and everyone will hate you because they’ll be down a man. And finally, for you lone wolf power gamers out there, you get to be the near unstoppable beast that is the alpha predator of Evolve. Hunt, kill, devour, and evolve into something even a Dark Soul boss would think twice before attacking. Trust me I’ve played the demo it’s the real deal – get the pre order so you can unlock the extra goodies while your at it, you’ll thank me later.






Armada’s E3 picks: Evolve (2/10/2015)


Now I’ve already talked about Evolve earlier last month so I don’t have anything personally to add this time around (the game’s still awesome and I can’t wait to play it this October next February (*sigh*)). However during E3 they added a new player monster to the roster: the Kraken (I can already hear all the “release the kraken!” jokes already). A near polar opposite to the Goliath, the Kraken is a range devastator shooting lightning bolts, mines, and force walls to keep his (or her) prey disorganized, damaged, and soon enough dead. I like this addition because I never relied that more monsters could be added to the game (honestly I thought it was going to be ‘the Goliath’ and that’s it). Now the sky’s the limit with creature creation; who do you think we’ll see next? A giant slime monster that can shape shift, an overgrown lizard that can breathe radiation, robot in disguise? Maybe all three in one, we’ll just have to wait this October next February to find out.





Game Preview – Evolve


Ah Turtle Rock Studios, all is forgiven. I know people I was mad at them for a while. Why? Because after the zombie killing awesomeness of Left for Dead 1 & 2 they went Valve Corp on me and stop continuing the series (seriously Valve, what the spit…). However I was wrong, they weren’t just milking their cash cow to oblivion (I mean, they are); but work on something that could be the next co-op hit of next-gen gaming: Evolve. Imagine people the future, where big game hunting is done on a galactic scale. The ‘prey’: A massive every evolving Goliath that the more it consumes, the more it becomes stronger, faster, and more deadly. The hunters (four in total): are specialized in their fields, armed with advanced weapons, gear, and the number advantage. Now where do the players come in? Four players become hunters and one opposing player will become the monster – all battling on a very feral, dangerous world that could easily kill them as the enemy players can. Evolve will be ultimate co-op experience; will the player hunters be able to work together to stay alive in a hostile world and slay the beast or will the player beast outsmart and outslay everything and everybody on the planet and evolve to the point of being unstoppable. I don’t know but hopefully a release date at E3 will be the first step in answering that question.