Armada’s E3 picks: Cuphead in “Don’t Deal with the Devil” (2016)


So back in February I put Cuphead “in Don’t Deal with the Devil” as our Games of 2015, unfortunately that was a little premature as during this year’s E3 the release date for Cuphead was pushed back to 2016. What the heck Studio MDHR! I want to play as an cup/mug headed hero (?) that is basically a puppet of the devil to take down the most vilest, no good, dirty, rotten, scumbag that the cartoon 1930’s can throw at me. Also I want to take Backlash with me and co-op the game and take down this colorful cutthroats as a team. And speaking of color, I want to enjoy the awesomely frantic and vibrant world that you guy created. Man I want to play it right now! *sigh* Ok, Studio MDHR you get one more pass this year, but if you make me wait one more time for Cuphead then I’ll break all my cups/mugs in protest – yes all of them.