Ding! –– Gangnam style parodies


Welcome to a new segment called ‘Ding!’ (which is not associated with Bing), where we at the VG Armada adds on to a subject we posted on before, enhancing it, as it were. So what am I going to talk about today? Why Gangnam style of course. Yes people it is a international hit; I know it, you know it, YouTube’s knows it – and you know YouTube’s never wrong. So like most online darling music videos, parodies are bound to happen. Here’s some of our favorites, enjoy!



Klingon Style



So I bet you all think that humans are the only ones with ‘style’ in the Alpha Quadrant, but you are wrong. The warriors from the House of Comediva shows that Klingons are only feverent fighters but excellent dancers.



Kim Jong Style



Not to be outdone by their freedom loving counterparts (South Koreans), the new leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, created his own style music video (not really) to show why oppressive military dictatorships are the way to go.



Hongdae Style



Gangnam in GANGNAM STYLE is actually a place (or a district in Seoul rather) in South Korea. As such PSY is singing (and dancing) about how his hometown is a cool/happening place. However this parody vid shows that Hongik University, Hongdae for short, is also a cool/happening place as well.



Deadpool Style



How do you out crazy GANGNAM STYLE?  Why add Deadpool to the mix, of course!



Nintendo Style



It’s Mario doing Gangnam Style, my life is complete now.



Update (10/5/12): Gangam Guile




TrueBackLash here, adding some late arrivals of a favorite Street Fighter of mine.




Game Review: Mass Effect 3 – Forget the reapers, the Commander’s greatest enemies are his/her fans


Finally, it took about two weeks (but in my defense I was playing Street Fighter X (Cross) Tekken at the same time) but here it is my Mass Effect 3 game review – Enjoy!


Oh yeah, I’ve been hearing rumbling about the ending of this game being unsatisfactory. Well for me I like to take my time and enjoy what a game has to offer, not rush it down like a plate full of hot dogs to a hungry Takeru Kobayashi so I haven’t beaten the game yet. But once I do I’ll offer my own opinion on the matter – stay tuned.




Frying the Coke

Hey everybody, True Backlash back again. Been along time Armada faithful, work, life (and Sporcle, heh – BB) and stuff.


Anyway there’s a new meme in town, it’s called


Created by Doug “The Nostalgia Critic” Walker of That Guy with the Glasses. Frying the Coke takes it roots from the ending of the 1997 motion picture Double Team. Defined by the Critic as the “ultimate in awesomely and laughably implausible”.


To see the ending itself, watch the video review of Double Team, starting from the 14 minute mark (caution the Critic uses strong language so if you have kids or are easily offended, I suggest skipping it).



All right gang this my contribution for today, take care.



(Also Armada will be posting this in our Tropes section as well for EZ reference – BB)