Trailer–Rama Week (PartDeux): Thor: The Dark World


After the stellar success of the Avengers, Marvel/Disney is now moving on to ‘phase two’ which means for us more awesome movies to look forward to. We already saw Iron Man put down terrorists and a corrupt corporation all at the same time in Iron Man 3, but in Thor: The Dark World the son of Odin will have his hands full as well. A new threat from a realm called Svartalfheim now seeks to return the universe to darkness – starting with Earth. Their leader, Malekith, is so powerful that the forces of Asgard may not be able to stand against him and his armies. In order to protect Asgard, Midgard (Earth), and the universe itself; Thor must risk all that is precious to him and beat this apocalyptic army one way or another.   Thor: The Dark World comes into the light on November 8, 2013.







Movie Review: Iron Man 3


Iron Man 3 is awesome and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Trailer-Rama (Superhero Edition): Iron Man & Superman


Yes, yes, yes! Iron Man 3 will be out tomorrow and you know the Armada staff will be seeing it and reviewing in a few days’ time. Rumor is that this will be the last of the Iron Man series of movies and in some ways I can see why. After all they want to bulk up more marvel heroes in movies and while Iron Man has already got his 3, there are still many more that haven’t even got out the gate yet. Still the more unreasonable side of me still wants more Iron Man movies no matter what. Well que sera, sera and all that because DC is finally there heavy guns into this fight with their upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ flick. You know the old say fokes (the other one anyway): when two competing comic book companies fight for movie viewership we all win!





Gameroween 2012/ Trailer-rama *special*– Video Game / Super heroes Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 8)


I’m sorry all for not keeping to the theme of Gameroween (video game character costumes), but  darn it if this year isn’t full of surprises. So anyway the pick is Iron Man, and yes I know he’s not a unknown character nor does he deal in video games mainly (but has been in his fair share). But main reason I picked the iron clad character is this:



Iron Man 3, for the win.