The End – BioShock Infinite ending



Hmmm… Well it looks like 2013 is going to be the year of firsts for Armada as well because we’re going to unleash another new segment here called ‘The End’ where we give you our opinion about the ending of a work of a story – primarily video games. And what better game to first talk about then BioShock Infinite’s ending. Now it’s been a couple weeks now so I’m safe to assume the majority of players bought the game and seen the ending already. However if you’re one of two people who has not seen the ending and doesn’t want it ruined for you please leave come back when you’re ready. For the rest of us, here’s the ending recap:




I’ve enjoy the game immensely, I’ve reviewed it to that effect but to be honest – this was the worst ending of all three games so far… Why? Because I saw nearly the entire plot coming: I knew Anna DeWitt / Elizabeth was Booker’s daughter, I knew Vox Populi would turn against me in the second half of the game, I knew the Lutece twins weren’t twins but alternate reality versions of themselves (and that they would never make sense in the story), and of course Booker DeWitt was in fact alternate reality Zachary Hale Comstock. How did I see this coming? Because not only did they borrow heavy from the BioShock games but other entertainment medias. What non-BioShock elements did they borrow from, well let’s see, there’s Lost, Sliders, the Jet Li Movie ‘The One’ and even Hypertime from the DC Universe. I’m sure there are more examples out there but these are enough. Where these other works did their take the whole ‘alternate realities’ in a somewhat the original way; BioShock Infinite ending just mashed all these elements in, added some questionable (and confusing) science, and called it a conclusion. And you know what, I’ve could have ignored all of that because fiction has a habit of copying other fiction (intentionally or not), but what I can’t condone is the fact the Infinite was the original and the sequel uninspiredly retold.


The original BioShock’s reveal


The first game’s outcome was brilliant, a masterwork of storytelling that questions whether we are our choices or are we choices made by others. The characters are awesome, just an enjoyable in general. The sequel characters were less memorable but the main baddie wanted to convert her daughter into a powerful symbol of her ideals (sounds familiar right). Also the main character in the sequel, named Delta, want’s to save the daughter from her fate and in turn the daughter sees Delta as a father figure (again familiar right). Its ending was less epic than the first but, I left satisfied. Infinite sums up like this: let make rapture again, but in the sky this time, and have only one little sister but make her the literal daughter of the main character and the antagonist at the same time, have nearly all the plot secondary characters killed off very easily like Andrew Ryan but without important subtext on the why, and finally end on the high note of lighthouses, magic science, and a non-noble sacrifice that, in the grand scheme of infinite parallel universes, is pointless.


BioShock 2 endings



Even that, that, is something I could give a pass to, but, and I mean it this time, the true issue I have against Infinite is the lack of choice. BioShock 1 & 2 allowed me to choose in key moments various outcomes (mainly good or evil, but still) that would affect the overall outcome.  In Infinite the choices are stupid, pointless, and had very little to no bearing in the story at all. For BioShock that’s freaken ridiculous. So what I’m supposed to accept fate as is, there’s no changing in so let your multiple dimensional daughters drown you in a baptismal pool for the good of the world? No, no BioShock Infinite, ending failure. In the end we have the power to transverse time and space and to see infinite number of worlds, outcomes, and choices and the story chooses to settle on one solution – the dumbest one possible because the plot demanded it. No. BioShock I expect better out of you, I expect, when it comes to story, you bring it – you didn’t this time. The game is great but its story’s a letdown and even though there’s DLCs in the future I’m not quite sure how they’ll be used story wise (my guess would be they just unlock new areas to explore).


I’m sorry if I went off the deep end there, but I wanted BioShock Infinite to be the next great chapter in the series. Not some reboot/rewrite of the first two games with an ending that’s equally lazy. It robs the player of being part of the BioShock universe (multiverse) and lacks the satisfactions of doing something meaningful in their world. Sadly like Halo 4 and WWE 13, BioShock Infinite will be one game that does everything right accept the most important thing, and what that thing is depends on the game, for Infinite it’s the ending and the outlining story. Not much to do now but to trade the game in and hope the next BioShock returns to form.






Game Review – BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite


Three things: one you guys didn’t think the “Really real” Game Review two days ago was really my thoughts on BioShock Infinite did you (come on just look at it), also did you all think I was really going to review  ‘Club Penguin’s Puffle Hotel Grand Opening’ today? No, no I am not, because, three, April’s fools. Of course you all knew that, hopefully, so today is the no joke game review of the long awaited entry in the BioShock series: BioShock Infinite. So this game already starts off with a fresh change of venue from the underwater city of rapture to the skyward metropolis that is Columba. You play Booker DeWitt, a down on his luck ex-solider & Pinkerton agent who has a colorful past. Well that past as caught up with him and in order to see another day he has to infiltrate Columbia to rescue a girl named Elizabeth. However DeWitt (as well as the player) will soon learn that this job will test him (and you) in ways anyone can’t fathom.



Infinite is one part social commentary, one part lesion in the theoretical, and the rest brilliant first person shooter. Half the stuff said throughout the game is basic period piece with the main characters reacting to it. However various portions of the game also throws in some pseudo-science that tries to suggests why Columbia (and the people living there) is able to do the things it does (like fly for one). Honestly I found those parts of the game more than a little confusing and unnecessary. Combat is similar to BioShock 2‘s style of play but includes new elements like an personal shield and equipment called Gears that add abilities or modifies DeWitt’s attacks. Finally once you have Elizabeth, players will come to find out she’s not an escort mission but a handy helper both inside and outside combat.







Yeah want did you expect really, BioShock Infinite proudly continues the series epic storytelling and fantastical settings. But my favorite part ladies and gentlemen is the combat, never have I had such a balanced FPS than Infinite. Sure the weapons aren’t very inventive (pistol-shotgun-machine gun-repeat) but every weapon has weight and impact and can be upgraded overtime. The Vigors take the place of Plasmids rather nicely as well, again the not the most original, but they too can be upgraded and can used as an attack or a trap. The added shield and gears really makes the combat more survivable, especially when you run out of bullets or salts (vigor juice). The Sky-hook may not look like it, but it is the most versatile weapon/tool in BioShock history. You can use it to make quick escapes and get to higher ground (via rail system) or beat down baddies and perform rather visceral finishers on a poor fool. And Elizabeth is the best thing to happen to players since Alyx Vance; interesting character you want to protect and know more about. At the same time in combat she’ll help by giving you ammo, health, salts, and more as the game goes on. Other than fuzzy science and some butt ugly NPC (which I’m pretty sure are nitpicks on my part) BioShock Infinite is one of those titles that you’ll want play again and again and again. You might have already (those who played the game will get that comment). Anywho get the game, play the game, enjoy the game, would you kindly (those who played the first game will get that comment).




This just in (Or not) – Team Fortress 2 news



Ah Team Fortress 2, I can always count on you to make things ez 4 me. How so today, well, they’re now available to play on Linux based computers so now no one’s safe from getting shanked from the Spy’s Knife. But wait, what if you already play TF2 on PC (windows) or Mac and want new costumes/hats and plan to get BioShock Infinite – well I got some good news for you. If enough players pre-order BioShock Infinite on Steam then they will unlock the newest batch of TF2 BioShock Infinite hats for those who pre-ordered like “The Pounding Father” or “The Person in the Iron Mask”. Pre-orderers also have a chance to unlock the original BioShock and X-Com: Enemy Unknown as well, so you Steam punks out there get ordering. Make the heavy proud.





Games & Gear of 2013 – BioShock Infinite (3/26/2013)

BioShock Infinite


BioShock Infinite… Whoa, wait, wait! It’s not out yet, come back, come back. I know you all are excited, I am too. It’s a brand new day with Infinite as everything is brand spanking new: new characters, a new setting (and this one flies), new powers, and new enemies. Don’t let the newness fool you however some things still over true when it comes to BioShock. Like trying to survive a hostile environment where 98% of the populous wants to kill you while the other 2% merely wants to maim you. Also, in BioShock fashion, I bet you can make choices that could affect the city of Columbia in unexpected and/or disastrous ways. Oooh! You can be freak sure that some of the new enemies are giant, colossal, mechanical monstrosities that will test your abilities to the limit every, single time. You know what? Wait for me guys, I’m coming too.





Trailer-Rama: BioShock Infinite Industrial Revolution Trailer


You all know BioShock Infinite is coming out March 26. Of course you do. You all know that this takes place in a Steampunk flying city where two equally crazy factions are tearing that  city a new one. Of course you do. You all know that its our job to wade through that civil war, braving the dangers of a slowly deteriorating city, and fight man made and mystical monsters to save a girl of unbelievable power. Of course you do. Did you know that if you pre-order BioShock Infinite now you can get the Industrial Revolution Pack which can boost the combat abilities of your character (as well as other interesting goodies)? Well you know now, check out the trailer.




Gameroween 2012/ Trailer-rama *special*– Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 10)



Ok this is another Gameroween & Trailer-rama tie-in but I swear its all game, a game that’s not out yet, but game still: The Songbird from the upcoming BioShock Infinite title. The only thing pretty about Songbird is the name – everything else is 100% Frankenstein. Made by twisted pseudo science this dark protector was created for one purpose and one purpose only: to protect Elizabeth, the heroine of the game. Once the main character takes her from her prison Songbird goes on a rampage to get her back. In a flying island where internal conflicts are constant and filled with peoples, cyborgs, and creatures both fantastic and deadly: Songbird is the one they all fear. Dressing up as him will instill some of that same fear this Halloween, but I’ll be honest I have no idea how to go about it. If some inventive reader out there does figure it out, sent us a pic, we’ll make you famous (well minimal internet famous anyway).





To help those who are willing to make the costume I found this blueprint at The Real Redneck Geek website by Kevin Martin. Choose to follow it or get crazy – you know what I would add? Rocket launchers. Everything’s better with rocket launchers.




This just in (Or not) – Irrational Games wants You (to be in BioShock Infinite)!


Well people its April already so you know what that means – PAX East is coming to town (well someone’s town, not mine sadly). Anyway for those who don’t know Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX, is a major festival devoted to, what else, video games and gaming in general. Created by the guys who authored the Penny Arcade web comic the PAX Prime, PAX East, and PAX Dev events have been going on for years now. This year however has a special contest running; they’ll be giving out paper top hats at the front door with the Infinite logo on it, if an employee of Irrational catches you with one on then you might be on your way to become the next gaming legend on BioShock Infinite! Now I’m unsure in what capacity they’ll use the images they selected for. After all they could just use their faces as random corpse dressing – but I’m not going to take that chance. Sadly due to other commitments I won’t be able to make PAX East personality, but I will put a photoshopped BioShock Infinite top hat on a picture my CGI avatar likeness and send it to the Irrational Games twitter feed. Sure it may not work but hey with video games anything is possible! Here the pic by the by:


Hey! I just had a thought; I'll pay someone $100 Bison dollars to cosplay as me for PAX east. That’s a steal ladies and gentlemen, everyone knows a Bison dollar with be worth five British Pound(s) once he kidnaps their queen.




Games & Gear of 2012 – Bioshock Infinite (10/16/2012)


I’ve always loved the Bioshock games; I like the 2nd one a little bit better only because you were able to play as a Prototype Big Daddy (never mind those nay sayers – it was awesome). The one thing I’ve never liked however is the whole underwater aspect; I mean I get why because of psychological tone it was trying to set up (trap in a place full of psycos and virtually no means of escape). But for me I like elbow room while trying to avoid the crazies and bringing down the daddies – well that won’t be a problem in their next game, Bioshock Infinite, because instead of the threat of drowning, one wrong step and you’ll be taking the express to terra firma. The story’s a little familiar but the setting and constant threat of the unknown is enough to get people excited – and if you’re still not, what’s wrong with you this is Bioshock we’re talking about here.