This just in (Or not) – Swtor goes f2p


Well it was bound to happen people, even the MMO juggernaut, World of Warcraft, has done it to a degree and so does now Star Wars: The Old Republic – Free to Play. In a recent report CEO of EA John Riccitiello said that the player numbers for swtor are not as high as they could be and the chief reason for this is that the game is using a subscription model. So as of the coming fall the old republic will give players subscription & free options to choose from. As we all know ‘free’ will be a stripped down version of subscription; but if you’re just looking for a good time without a lasting commitment, this might be the best thing to show up since sliced bread. More options are good anyway; I mean $15 isn’t expensive but it’s tough out there, and that chunk of change could be put to better use – like buying more Hot Pockets.