Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Star Wars: The Old Republic


I know, I know; I am the biggest swtor fanboy this side of the internet, but BioWare’s beautiful MMO has definitely earn it my fanaticism. Excellent characters, excellent connecting story lines, making an MMO feel like a single player experience(which before swtor I didn’t think it was possible), voice acting in an MMO (not just sound bytes – ‘work work’), and those were the default pluses at year one. Over the years the game got better with various improvement, added features (strongholds and space fighter combat), and new planets. Now they just released their greatest DLC ever: the Knights of the Fallen Empire. Which basically is a sequel to swtor – and amazing, and free, all of it. So if your MMO happy friend/family member hasn’t tried the Old Republic due to reasons – please for all that is good let them know and get them started on their own adventure a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.





Game Preview: Star Wars – Knights of the Fallen Empire gameplay preview


The ‘Fall of Games’, a glorious time of the year where some of the most anticipated game titles are let loose to an eagerly waiting populous (usually during the autumn), is so close you can practically taste it. So to fan the flame of awesomeness game developers, publishers, and the like are giving people a little sample of what’s to come. This time around it’s BioWare and their next DLC ‘Knights of the Fallen Empire’. Set five years after the current game your character, recently freed from carbonite, is all that remains of the old. Because the galaxy has been effectively conquered by the Zakuul and their Immortal Emperor. Now you would think you can go all hero mode, start and revolution and save the galaxy from the super dark side (and you totally can). However according to the story you might actually be able to join the Zakuul and really 180 this whole thing (while that’s just a guess). BioWare says in this DLC “choices matter and impact outcomes” and they haven’t disappointed me yet. However a twitch stream showing some live (-ish) gameplay also doesn’t hurt either, enjoy!




Trailer-Rama: SWTOR – Become the Outlander Trailer


If there is such a thing called a sequel to any MMO,  Knights of the Fallen Empire will be one of the best. The Outlander Trailer reveals the players role in the game, which will be multifaceted: either become the hero that avenges the fallen factions of the previous game or maybe even join the Emperor in his new kingdom. Ether way this one will be a DLC to remember.

Armada’s E3 picks: Star Wars – Knights of the Fallen Empire (10/27/15)


Now we’re talking! As a lifelong swtor fan this is always a pleasant sight, especially in E3, a new DLC for the best MMO on the market. However with the Knight of the Fallen Empire it be different: as the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire raged on a new force enters the conflict – Eternal Empire. Not spoiling the story for players not up to the point (like me sadly – I’m working on it) but basically the imps and pubs got 0wned. Five years later Eternal Empire is now in charge and the only hope the galaxy has now is you. As this DLC starts you waken out of carbonite to find everything changed; you’re allies, your resources, even your name have been taken from you. Now known as the ‘Outlander’ you must survive in a galaxy where chaos and the Dark side truly reigns. That my friends is only the beginning; BioWare (the masters of video game storytelling) promises not only our choices will have impact on outcomes throughout the Fallen Empire arc, and you can recruit (or betray) new and old allies, but you can determine the fate of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic within the expansion. I’ve played a lot of BioWare games people and even though they weren’t perfect, never once did they disappoint me, and I expect no different from Fallen. It might be their version of WoW Catasyism but I know like swtor they’ll manage to outdo them again with their titanic DLC. If you like MMOs or Star Wars please download & play this free-to-start masterpiece, then when kotfe (cof-fe?) drops this October you’ll be ready. Or wait and just start a level 60 character from the get-go, whatever works, just don’t miss out.