Character Quote (Black History Edition) – Leo Cristophe

“Kefka! I can no longer stand by while you commit these atrocities!”


Well this is the end of the Character Quotes, Black History Edition, for the month because this is the end of the month. I hope you all learned something interesting from the profiles because I did enjoy writing them. The final character I’m highlighting is a character from Final Fantasy, 6 to be exact (predating Barret Wallace). General Leo Cristophe was the highest ranking officer in the oppressive Empire, the main bad guy force in the game. Yet Leo was a noble and honorable man who believed in fair play and justice. He earned the respect of not only his men but he’s enemies as well; and that was before he drew his sword. On the battlefield he was unstoppable striking hard and fast before enemies could react; and he could unleash massive waves of energy that can obliterate anything in his way. Despite his power he would always try to find a peaceful solution to conflicts before they get out of hand. Sadly players would only be able to use him only once before he was done in by Kefka. Still, to this day, he is the coolest final fantasy character I know – and it makes me doubly proud that he is a brother. Leo wherever you are man, is fan computation is for you.