The Dark Knight plays: Guardians of the Galaxy – the Telltale Series (Episode 1 – 5)


I am the vengeance, I am the night, AND THIS IS MY GAME PLAYING SERIES! Pick up the phone people because I call it, Star-Loser really shouldn’t have used an object of unknown cosmic might as a shot glass. Also, if the once alive Thanos wanted it, then you know other people might want it too. Oh, wait, this is the Guardians of the Galaxy we’re talking about – thinking is not their strong suit.






There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 2)



We continue on to the next part of our journey to become an Iron Lord. Item management is definitely a plus.

The Dark Knight Plays (Premier): Batman the Telltale Series (Episode 1 – 1)



Hey guys, real talk real fast. So as it turns out the Dark Knight over here wants to try his hand at Let’s Plays. I know right! Weird. You think his night job would keep him pretty busy,  but apparently not. So while I can’t stop him (seriously he’s Batman) please I ask you guys to bare with him. With any luck he’ll get bored with the whole thing and do something else. Then again he might actually be good…










Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Mankind Divided (Part 1)




I’ve never asked for this… Wait, yes I did, hundred times a day and finally my dreams have come true! Deus Ex – Mankind Divided is finally out and I’m going to play through it all. So get ready people to dive into the all the cyborg on cyborg crime you can handle.

Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 5 – 1)




You know the old saying – ‘Break a mirror, get seven years bad luck’. Well for Bigby his whole life right now is bad luck, so going beast mode on a bunch of mirror demonesses probably won’t do much. Still… If I was him I would buy a box of lucky charms just in case.

















Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 4 – 4)



Well people part 4 of Episode 4 is a quick one, so quick it’s a ‘why did I turn on the recorder for this’  quick. Don’t worry however, just for you, we’ll take a sneak peak of the last Episode today as well. Just don’t tell my boss, I don’t want to get written up.








My Top 5: Destiny OP moments



You know those times where you super hot in PVP, and just plow through anyone dumb enough to put you in their cross hairs? Yeah, those are great days; here’s some of my favorites in Destiny.