Let’s Review: Tom Clancy’s – The Division 2


Today on Let’s Review we take a look at Ubisoft’s latest title – Tom Clancy: The Division 2. Three years (and some change) later from the first one, can it earn the PPoP rating as well? Click on a find out. 







There & Back Again: The Division – Underground (Expansion I)



You know people, in order to get all the E3 Let’s Watches done I had to hole myself up in the game bunker. Not leaving for any reason unless it was to eat, sleep, and eat. So it’s good fortune that my first video after E3 is the latest DLC for The Division, entitled Underground. My eyes are already tuned for low light conditions and I’m not claustrophobic, so let’s do this!







Let’s Review: The Division


In a internet full of let’s plays, reacts, and gaming top 10 – where has the reviews gone? Sure there are some holdouts, but their reviews are either misinformed or just too long (or both really). How will you know a game’s legit then? Worry not because, once again, the Armada’s got you covered.

Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Titan from Titanfall)


Robots are awesome, period, exclamation point. If they didn’t want to kill us so many times in fiction I would be an advocate for not the fast tracking of robots being made but having two in every house hold. Oh well I guess I can settle for anime mecha, robot movies, and Halloween. However with so many choices in the cybernetic costume arena which does one pick? Well people if I could make a suggestion, how about the Titans from Titanfall. Sure they’re not shape changing aliens from a mechanized planet, or time traveling killers from a post-apocalyptic age; but they are giant, bipedal, combat ready, tanks that can tip the scales in any militaristic engagement. They come in three flavors: the well balanced Atlas, the lithe Stryder, and (my personal favorite) the unstoppable Ogre. They have their strengths and weaknesses but once you see one, and you don’t have one, it’s over. Creating an accurate Titan costume is next to impossible; however if you put in the effort and love big, giant, robots, then your Titan will be glorious. Just don’t try arriving to your Halloween function via orbit, Titanfall technology sadly doesn’t exist yet.




Gift guide for great gamers: Titanfall



The intro to Megas XLR said it best: chicks dig giant robots! Actually everyone digs giant robots because robots are awesome and making them giant is the most logical choice. Since Mech Assault went the way of the dodo there was a huge lack of giant fighting robo games out there, it took a while but there coming back thanks to Titanfall. A game that’s very Call of Duty-ish (with some Brink thrown in for taste) but instead of getting kill-streaks for doing a good job you get to summon a war machine from the heavens to lay waste to your enemies. Add to the fact of the game’s multiple modes and the ability to unlock other powerful advantages as you play and you come to find Titanfall does Advanced Warfare better than Advanced Warfare. Sadly the game’s only for Xbox One owners & online is required but like life, gaming can be unfair.

Gift guide for great gamers: South Park & The Stick of Truth



Now I don’t have to say it but I will just in case someone out there missed it: South Park – The Stick of Truth was an excellent game that kept to the spirit of the show. From beginning to end it was like a fully realized interactive episode of the show that was also a pretty solid classic RPG. It was glorious! So if you know a South Park fan who still have their PS3/Xbox 360 and hasn’t played this game for some reason then by all means be a Mr. Hanky to that person and give them this awesome gift for Christmas (and not poo like the real Mr. Hanky).




Mini Game Review: Titanfall



Never mind the 75+ awards it won last year, never mind the other critics saying that it’s more than what I’m about to say, never mind the hype and listen to your good old friend the One, True, Omnigamer: Titanfall is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with MechAssault with a hint of Brink added in – and that’s it.




Not that’s a bad thing mind you, like CoD games; Titanfall is incredible amount of fun. The combat is well-balanced as players control the agile, adaptable pilots and imposing, game changing Titans. The battlefields are large and varied (they had to be for mech fighting action) so smart pilots can create ambushes or quick escapes when things don’t go your way and Titan can use buildings for cover against enemy Titans or pilots with anti-mech weapons. They even done new things like streamlined the story into the multiplayer (due to the fact that Titanfall doesn’t have a single player) so while you’re fighting they play through the story. Sadly though people with something like this, I expected more. This is a flagship title for the new Xbox One; a physical reason why players (despite the controversies) choose this system over the PS4. Everything said and done, through the standard multiplayer match types, the uninventive weapons, the cookie cutter class customization, and not even a graphical update – Titanfall doesn’t measure up as next gen.







Fun’s fun but now is the time to step it up, and today this title fails. Fortunately its pluses out weight’s its minuses so it doesn’t fail outright and the game could become next gen thanks to future DLC (or at least expand the story), but for right now this game ain’t worth the $60 plus tax (thankfully for me I got the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, so basically I got the game for free). Rent it, have fun for a weekend, then return it; the future is now – but not here. Yet.







Game Review: South Park – The Stick of Truth



Ladies and Gentlemen: South Park is an animated comedy TV show on Comedy Central. It is a revolutionary series that pushes the boundaries of political-social norms. It also has the unfortunate tendency to push the boundaries of good taste, seriously the things I’ve seen watching that show (and movie) really weren’t necessary to the overall episodes. Despite that fact though the show is funny, brilliantly written, and even have ‘moral’ lessons to them.  Now I said all of that because the writers of the show also written the game, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and they did the impossible – they made the game just like the show. Warts and all, the show is a masterpiece and so is this game.



So the game take place in the town of South Park, uh, I mean the lands of Zaron, where the Stan & Kyle and Cartman & Kenny, uh, I mean the Elves and the Humans are locked in a bloody civil war for the fabled Stick of Truth, uh, I mean the Stick of Truth.  Deadlocked, Cartman believed the only way to tip the war in his favor is to seek the aid of the new kid who moved into town: You, and thus the game begins. South Park: The Stick of Truth is the evolution of the classic turn based RPG, very similar to the Mario & Luigi RPG titles. Your basic and special attacks must be activated in a certain way otherwise they won’t be effective, or in Kenny’s case will completely backfire. Player’s weapons and armors will range from wooden swords and sweat bands to alien energy guns and mini SWAT uniforms.  And trust me they’ll be put to work as you explore all over South Park (first time since the show’s creation that the town’s been mapped actually) in your quest for the stick, as well as doing side quests for some of the more familiar characters from the show. So after delay after delay after publisher going under after finding a new publisher after delay – does The Stick of Truth ring true?







To take from Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES! This game is creative, innovative, and entertaining as any last generation or current generation (so for) game. Customizing your character doesn’t end at the beginning of the game. In addition to the unique looking weapons and armors you find throughout the adventure; players can also collect wigs, facial hair and make-up to configure your character look any way like. You gear can also be configured with different ‘stickers’ to improve their functionality or give an edge in combat. And speaking of which, the combat is glorious and well designed, if anyone thinks that turn based combat can’t be challenging should park this title for quite a surprise. Finally the level of writing and animation to make this game as close to the show as possible is so good it’s almost 1 to 1. Seriously Matt, Trey, and all of the staff that worked this game put in 150%; everybody in the industry should take notes and notice what gaming could become with effort. Sadly this doesn’t earn the long awaited triple platinum rating for only one reason, the same weakness that the show has honestly: it’s raw. South Park has never been a show to play it safe, and the game follows suit: certain things and images, are not for kids (heck I think I’m too young for their content half the time). It doesn’t happen often but every once in a while some explicit scene will appear and you’ll say: “I really wish I didn’t see that…” Stuff like that keep this game from true greatness, but hey art’s in the eye of the holder and all that.  South Park: The Stick of Truth on a storytelling and mechanical standpoint is pure dynamite and is the last great game of the PS3/Xbox 360 era. If you’re over 21 and still have those systems I strongly suggest you pick up this game and play it with vim and vigor; it is truly the game we’ve been waiting for.





Game Review: Zombie High Volume 3



Halloween may have come and gone people, but the Zombies stay all year around in the world of Zombie High and guess what? Volume 3 is ready for your reading pleasure.




When we last left our crew they just survived the best & worst day of their lives: living the dream of being rock stars and enjoying the good life in Alpha Sector. However it doesn’t last as they come to find out that there is a new breed of Zombie out there; Smart, strong, knows how to talk and of course completely evil. What’s more, they want to turn what’s left of the human race into their own personal all you can eat salad bar and have an unknown plot to do it. Their numbers are hidden among normal humans and even the main character’s parents are suspect, can Jane Valentine uncover the HFVM plans and busts some un Ds heads? Only your skill will decided that.


*End Spoilers*

Zombie High Volume 3 is another well done ‘choose your own adventure’ book (CYOA) for the smart phones that been showing up lately, which I couldn’t be more pleased. The series has same excellent writing and storytelling that I expect from the people that made Wizard’s Choice. Volume 3 changes the formula bit however by removing the ‘bullet’ counter from gameplay, and focused on more the narrative. So in combat you don’t have any special weapons to use, instead players must select the best choice that is the most effective without causing any backlash – if possible. It’s tempting to use opal all the time in combat, but doing so in the wrong situation, might make things worse. While I do miss putting all my bullets I’ve saved into a sweet killing machine that is the bane of all Zombies everywhere, the change is not really bad. If you watch what’s said prior to the choices and reason the situations you’re in you can often find a solution that won’t have your face eaten. Of course social life in high school is just as dangerous as any zombie threat, and you must balance your status as ‘A Kid’ with your mission to stop the HFVM – I’ll be surprised how both will be hand in hand in Vol. 3. What else can I say but I’ve enjoyed another read here; the removal of special weapons and attacks via the bullet system is missed, but the story or is the challenge hurt by this decision.  After finishing this one, I can’t wait to see what happens next – the mark of good fiction.







Zombie High Walkthrough: Volume 3


Well people, you asked, and I went to work: Zombie High Walkthrough – Volume 3. Enjoy!


  • Make up
  • Be polite
  • ‘Tommy said’
  • Speak to Kristin alone
  • Bribe
  • Prompt him
  • Leave them
  • Question him
  • Decline
  • Defensive
  • Excuse yourself
  • Sven
  • You and Tommy
  • Close in
  • Talk
  • Office visit
  • Knock on the pod
  • For tutoring
  • No
  • Check
  • Crowbar
  • Impersonate
  • Take a minute
  • Throw the blanket
  • Watch
  • Ambush
  • ‘Let’s talk here’
  • Sorry, you don’t know
  • Chase
  • Watch
  • Take no action
  • Blubber
  • Cages
  • Take shot
  • Hide the nade
  • Hug tommy



Game Review – Dead Island: Riptide



Hey people the weather is finally starting to warm up and before you know it summer will be here – time to go on vacation. Somewhere in the tropics, get some sun, see some sights, and of course fight for your life against the zombies. That’s right its Dead Island time again with their new game/sequel called Riptide. This game takes place right after the first one where Logan Carter, Sam B, Xian Mei, and Purna escape the undead filled island of Banoi with an NPC islander. However instead of safety and freedom the four get locked up by the military and experimented on. There they meet another immune (people immune to the zombie plague) & new playable character John Morgan as they discovered the ship’s crew is nearly all converted to zombies. Once again the main cast must work together to survive and thus they begin a new adventure.



Like the first game, Dead Island: Riptide is as close to an offline MMO or light MMO as a console game could get. Your characters in themselves are classes; some are better at tanking and drawing fire, while others good at DPS and backstabs. Your weapons are standard zombie killing fare (guns, bombs, conventional and unconventional) but they differ from weak gray to rare orange in grade quality. The zombies themselves range from fast to slow as the standard, but from time to time players will go against elite zombies that are tougher, stronger, faster, and/or attack from a distance. The locations of the game encourage exploration and treasure hunting, some of the best stuff can only be found in the most dangerous areas. Speaking of which, other NPC survivors you’ll meet will often give you quest to do. If you do them they’ll reward you with special items or services that will make zombie slaying much easier to do.  Finally if you played the first game you can take that character data and import it to this one, a definite plus for Dead Island veterans.






The Dead Island series has always been a slow paced, thinking man’s zombie survivor game. Sure hitting them in the head is always good, but here it will take some doing just for them to stay down. Your play style, weapons, and co-op friends (yes that feature make a return here too) will dictate how much fun and how far you’ll get. Players and play this game solo but I don’t recommend it, Riptide is a huge game with most of it chock full of zombies that want to eat your face. Since the difficulty has been raised since the first game most of a solo play through will be spent dying or grinding one zombie at a time – and that’s no fun. That being said it could be easier to find a co-op game without people leaving it just because or won’t play it right because they’re jagoffs (but I suppose that not the game’s fault). Other than some random glitching and character models that look like mash potato pudding, Dead Island: Riptide is an excellent follow up to the first game. It’s not really doing anything new, but you know the old saying: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.