Games & Gear (of 2016): Mario & Luigi Paper Jam


It’s 2016! Time to get ready for the newest games and gear coming our way. As always the Armada has got you covered.

Game Preview – Mario & Luigi: Dream Team



Phew guys’, being angry is a lot of work, I don’t know how the internet keeps it up. Anyway now that I got those two chips of my shoulder it’s time to get positive with a preview. Ah Mario & Luigi you never let me down; your brand of ‘&’ games are pure, unadulterated fun. The brothers use their unique skills to save their unique world from aliens, bean witches, and deranged mad scientists. You would think that their adventures would be over but nope; apparently the Brooklyn based bros will always have something to do or lives to save. This time around it might be Luigi’s life in peril. In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team the duo must do it Kirby style and enter the dream world to the latest evil force to invade. Details are light but hey it’s an ‘&’ game so you really can’t bet against it. Stay tuned.