Games and Gear (of E3 2017): Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


Well the Nintendo x Ubisoft love child is the real deal, and guess what? It’s awesome! Too bad we got to wait for it, oh well, what’s a couple of months.





Let’s Discuss: Ubisoft E3 2017 Press Conference


So this was going to be a review of the Ubisoft press conference, but I got True Backlash and Blu to watch it with me and it turned into quite a lengthy discussion about it. So if nothing else the video will be entertaining as well as informative, click on to begin the adventure.





This just in (Or not): Mario + Rabbids = Fun? (Also E3)


As crazy as creating your own sonic character is in Sega’s upcoming Sonic Forces, it looks like Nintendo, for a lack of a better word, trumps them again with their future Mario title – if the rumors are true. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is part of today’s ‘This just in’.




Games and Gear (of 2017): Super Mario Odyssey



It’s Super Mario, and that’s enough.






This just in (Or not): NX reveal – The Nintendo Switch




I dream come true for gamers, a nightmare for the competition – Nintendo next console is revealed, and its name is Switch.






Armada’s E3 picks: Mario & Luigi – Paper Jam (2016)


World collide as the Mario & Luigi universe plus the Paper Mario universe meet for the first time. See Bowser, no matter what reality, is always causing trouble; when his paper counterpart makes it into the 3D world they team up to do something they could never do on their own: defeat Mario. The Bowsers plan has one fatal flaw: the Marios (and Luigi) teaming up as well to take them down. Between Paper Mario’s paper craft and M&L dual techs they can meet any challenge, solve any puzzle, and save their combine kingdoms one more. I’ve play all the Mario & Luigi games sent Super Star Saga so hear me when I say they worth the buy for your New Nintendo 3DS – a shame we got to wait til next year for it.





Armada’s E3 picks: Super Mario Maker (9/11/2015)


Mario maker was revealed last E3, Super Mario Maker was revealed this E3; so was there any difference between the two besides adding ‘Super’ in the title? More than you think, actually. New levels (underworld, underwater, castles, etc.), more enemies (chain chops, thwomps, wigglers, etc.), more items (wings, fire rods, bowser’s clown car, etc.), amiibo support, the addition of the Super Mario 3 art style, and yes, we can share our dream Mario courses online for all the world to see (and play). There is no question how tough Mario levels can be – now this fall we can unleash our inner Miyamoto and see if we can out create the masters.