Games and Gear (of E3 2017): South Park – The Fractured but Whole


Nothing left to say but this.






Games and Gear (of E3 2017): Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite


Granted it looks like an ugly duckling, but I betach it will play like a beautiful swan.






Aftermath: Spiderman Homecoming


And now our Aftermath Review of Spiderman Homecoming





Let’s Review: Spiderman Homecoming


Watching this movie renews my hope for world peace, after all if Sony and Marvel can work together to produce a great movie than anything’s possible!





Let’s Review: PlayStation Live from E3 2017 (Sony’s E3 Press Conference of 2017)


Sony has been on a tear in the console wars thanks to PlayStation exclusives. Will that advantage follow them to the E3 show floor? Click on to see my take on their PlayStation show case.





This just in (Or not): South Park the Fractured but Whole release date (finally… hopefully)!


Well Tartarus looks like it froze over, and… Yep I see some fat backs flying over yonder. The impossible (or is that the improbable) happens today on ‘This just in’.





The Dark Knight plays: Guardians of the Galaxy – the Telltale Series (Episode 1 – 6)


I am the vengeance, I am the night, AND THIS IS MY GAME PLAYING SERIES! BOO! BOOOOOOOO! He’s suppose to stay dead! Oh well, I least I’m done with this, for now…