Armada’s E3 picks: Phantom Dust (TBA)


Now here’s one game I’ve never played on the original Xbox (too busy playing Mech Assault), in fact if I didn’t see the Phantom Dust trailer on the Xbox press conference I wouldn’t have known this game ever existed before. See Phantom Dust is a revival (or reboot I don’t know which) of the original game of the same name; it features post-apocalyptic earth, sentient dust people, and action RPG elements. So why is it an E3 pick for the Armada? Well as it turns out it’s quite the cult favorite of Xbox faithful; praising the game for its unique combat style and interest story. And if there’s one thing I can identify with is that overlooked, underrated games should be brought back for their fans & new players that never had the pleasure. I’m not quite sure if this new version of an old dusty favorite will be any good but I’m willing to give it the old try. If it turns out half as good as the fans claim the original was then the Xbox will have that 1st party game they sorely needed.


Here’s a little footage of the original Phantom Dust, looks like bargon basement anime to me, but let’s see how the new game plays next year



Commericals of Xbox past


Tomorrow the last next gen console will be available for purchase, which is Xbox One. A console that I’ve been keeping an eye on since its announcement. But before we get to enjoy the future I feel like we need to take time to look into the past commercials of both Xbox & Xbox 360 and see how far we’ve come as gamers. Well it’s not that far, but still its neat to see how far the rookie console came to become the power house we all enjoy today. Enjoy!



The game that launched a thousand Xboxes.

Still deserves a sequal, where’s my sequel BioWare?

I don’t care what people said, Mech Assault > Regular Mech Warrior

Played well, told well, ended well. Can’t wait for the next generation of Mass Effect games.

GTA funner, awesomer, cousin.

Really wished Half Life 3 come out already.


Trailer-Rama Week – Pacific Rim + BioShock Infinite



It’s a shame but there are not enough giant robot movies out in the world. My earliest movie memory is, you guessed it, giant fighting robots. I don’t remember the name though, all I do remember is a good guy bot fighting a black bad guy bot with four spider-like arms (and no it wasn’t animated –if anyone knows what I’m talking about, and knows the name, please yet me know).  Ever since then I’ve seen giant robo cartoons(foreign & domestic), played giant robo video games (foreign & domestic) and even owned not-so- giant robo action figures (foreign & domestic) – but giant robo movie are a rare thing indeed. Then out of no where here comes this beautiful piece of cinema that shows what they should have done a long time ago when facing any problem that threaten man kind – make a giant robot. I swear the zombie apocalypse would be a 5 minute scuffle when up against a nuclear powered death machine.  Fortunately they won’t be doing that (Zombies are played out) they’ll be fighting against giant monsters and aliens – finally my life is complete.






Finally, BioShock Infinite. In four days this game comes out, we all play, joy.  And of course you’ll get all the reviewy goodness here at Video Game Armada. Stay tuned.




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