Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 16)


Well this is it my friends, Halloween is today and let me guess you waited til the last minute again (actually because of Superstorm Sally a lot of neighborhoods in the states have rescheduled trick or treating to next week so you slackers have some time yet. Still…); don’t worry once again Armada gots your back with the easiest costume yet: an NPC. NPCs, or non-player characters, are the epitome of background character in a video games. They come in many shapes, sizes, races, realities and can be found in almost any game played. They’re quirky, informative, malicious, devious, noble, loving, spirited, and much much more. In fact the only thing an NPC can never be is a player character – until now. For a person going as an NPC for Halloween is as easy as wearing whatever you want and given handy advice to anyone you want. When they ask why, say you’re doing your duty as an NPC from your favorite video game. They’ll ether respect you or call you lazy, but hey you didn’t have to spend any money of your costume – which makes you a genius, congratulations!


And with that marks the end of this year’s Gameroween costume choices, so now get out there and represent video games with honor, respect, classiness, and freak out a bunch of little kids too. Remember stay true to the holiday, mwa ha ha!





Now here a perfect example of a real life NPC, provided by Alain-Christan. Eye catching stance, unusual hat and of course the tell tale exclamation point over the head.That always means a quest to do, or that you’ve been discovered while sneaking around.