Games and Gear (of E3 2017): Metroid Prime 4


*insert your favorite Metroid Prime 4 reaction video here* because I got nothing.






Let’s Review: Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 (Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference of 2017)

Well people E3’s all done and everyone went home, but you know there’s one more review to do. Nintendo! Now most say they won the show, but what do I say? Start the video and find out.






Armada’s E3 picks: Metroid Prime – Federation Force (2016)


You know, it never ceases to amaze me how many people will bash a game (a movie, a show, etc) for one thing or another before they play (watch) it. Nintendo seem to draw a lot a fire from these type of people as well. When ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’ was announced and people saw the game cel-shaded art style people lost their minds – until they played the game and it was fine. The Wii U constantly bashed for its lack of 3rd party support (yeah because that’s Nintendo’s fault) or how the system is not “next gen” compared to the PS4 or Xbox One – until they played it (and their excellent library of games) and it was fine. Now we have Metroid Prime: Federation Force; an interesting 3DS co-op title that uses four players to team up and take down objectives in the Metroid universe. Now you’d think reasonable people would play this game before casting judgements on it, but when you’re on the internet reason and logic go right out the window. There is Petition for the cancellation of this game, before the general public can even have a chance to play it, the loudest minority deems it a failure. They’re being ridiculous, and why, because Samus is not the main character? Because it’s not a “true Metroid” sequel? No matter the game series, characters change and genres change within them as well, sooner or later. So people, do me a favor, and just play the game – it will be fine.





Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Samus Aran – Again)


Varia Suit


The first lady of gaming and the best bounty hunter in the galaxy (sorry Boba) Samus Aran is today’s costume. From slaying space pirates to being a one woman genocide on deadly parasitic bio weapons in which they were created to kill an even deadlier syn bionic parasites. Samus is perfect example of awesome Nintendo characters because like Link fitting any kind fantasy relation; Samus is work well with any Sci-Fi image people may think if they don’t get Samus and/or Metroid right away. Now the only downside is the creation of the costume itself: Varia Suit power armor with infused arm cannon (not to be confused with the Mega buster) is not something anyone can ‘throw on’. However professional cosplayers can recreate this iconic armor with some effort; as for any other young lady wanting to represent Samus there always the Zero Suit: easier to make, easier to wear, the gun can be anything, and its still Samus – so everyone wins.


Samus Aran

Zero Suit







Gameroween 2013 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Samus Aran)



How many times can I say video games are awesome, they are, and this costume choice is another example why. Women in fiction don’t always seem to be cast in a positive leading role, mainly support or end goal. While I’m fine with this fact (as long as the work is good) it does tend to set an unfair precedence that women couldn’t get the job done as a protagonist. Well one day there was a genius company by the name of Nintendo that knew that wasn’t true and set out to prove it. The created and game in 1986 called Metroid, featuring and BA bounty armed with a deadly power suit, alien DNA, and a mission to save the galaxy from life force parasites called, you guested it, Metroids. The bounty hunter faced space pirates, which weren’t pirates with eye patches, and hand hooks, but rather huge beasts, bipedal insects that use laser guns, a xenomorph-like dragon, and a giant mutated, alien, A.I. brain. With a little help from upgraded weapons the Bounty Hunter single handedly took on the pirates and eradicated the Metroid menace (save for one) from the galaxy. At the end of the game the Bounty Hunter revealed herself as Samus Aran, and she hasn’t stopped saving the galaxy since. The story of the first game is not only excellent but an Epic Poem of excellence itself, and while female characters still play familiar roles in gaming it’s not the only roles they play. Thanks to Samus Aran, the glass ceiling wasn’t broken in video games; it was obliterated by her Phazon Beam (and awesomeness).





Gameroween – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 4)


Ladies. You like Iron Man right? But then you realize Tony Stark is an alcoholic, womanizing, totalitarian, car wreck (spoiler alert). So what’s a girl to do? No worries because I got the costume idea that solves your high powered armor needs: Samus Aran. Raised by bird-like aliens called the Chozo; this intergalactic bounty hunter enjoys long walks down dark corridors, rolling into a ball to set off high explosives, and shooting with beams, missiles, paralyzer bolts first then asking question later. She’s iconially known for her impressive power armor which only gets better game after game; underneath the hood however as an equally impressive young woman proving for 25 years that girls do play games. So ladies have some options towards you: you can equip yourselves in the Varia Suit or use the Zero Suit variant. Whatever you choose you’ll  T.C.B. and look good doing it.





Grav suit Samus to the left was created by Pixelninja (Jenni Källberg), while the Zero Suit Samus on the right was created by Deborah Filippo.

This just in (or not) – Zeldas and Dragons


Alrighty people I’ll admit something right now, as much as I’m an original Nintendo fan boy, I never really got into the Legend of Zelda series (or the Metroid series for that matter). I don’t know why, maybe it’s than they do the same thing every game (find boomerang, find Master Sword, kill Ganon (or Ganondorf)). Now I’ve haven’t played twilight princess so I don’t know if that old formula still applies – but chances are it does. Never the less this legacy IP not only kept the Nintendo Entertainment System from being a distance memory back in the day, but helped the video game industry as a whole become the entertainment juggernaut it is today. Why say all this? Well because yesterday Legend of Zelda turned 25 years old, that quite an achievement people. So break out your Triforce, put on your metrosexual green tunic, and celebrate because despite my indifference this series is still going strong.


On the other side of the fantasy realm EA just released a Dragon Age 2 Demo for all systems that aren’t the Wii. If enough players download and finish the demo then they’ll release three in game items for the full game. I’ve just got done playing the demo myself – got to say it impressed me. It looks great and I already can tell the storytelling is going to be awesome (Dragon Age 2 maybe the medieval Mass Effect 2 in March). The combat mechanics are the most improved however; whether you’re a warrior, rouge, and mage your definitely more hands on in the carnage – which is a good thing (although it’s a little button mashy now). Get the demo people, even if you’re not planning to buy DA2, baby needs those in game items.