Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.3 – Ability Mechanics


Sure the colorfulness of the game is neat, the races are unique, and classes are super chic; but a game isn’t a game if under the hood ain’t right. Fortunately Wildstar has that covered as well, small thing they done to make combat and movement as dynamic as possible. Now they have a few videos on the subject, but in the interest of our week schedule I’ll only show the most important one (in my opinion) because it deals with something players will be doing a lot of: using abilities.




Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.3 – The Stalker


It’s not over yet people (although this is the last week, I promise); Wildstar keeps rolling on with content. First the last of the classes and then some detail stuff, and finally a little surprise at the end of the week (chances are Wildstar fans already know though, but still). Anyway, the Stalker, basically your stealth class; that has gadgets, nanotech, combat stealth, and the ability to tank… Ok so it’s not your basic stealth class, watch the vids to learn more – as well as the thrilling conclusion of Team Frost v. Team Moore.


Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.2 – The Engineer


Now people, I’ll be honest with you I love the Engineer job set in MMOs. Now they’re not always called ‘Engineers’ in MMO’s, sometimes they’re called ‘Cybertech’, other times it’s called ‘Crafting’. Whatever the name it’s a job path that allows players to make cool stuff that explodes, shoots, or does something neat. However in some cases MMOs will make the Engineer job into it’s own class – with various degrees of success (honestly the best engineer class in my experience was the TF2 Engie). Wildstar’s take on the Engineer, I think, will be the one that will do the ‘class’ right. For one it has an all-purpose cannon that zap, burn, bomb, or shoot down enemies. Another thing is that this class has heavy armor (probably the first time for the class actually) so it can DPS or Tank. And of course players can rock bots which can off-tank, heal, DPS, and crowd control. So yeah Engineer is a one man army and yes, chances are I’ll be pick this class once the game comes out.





Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.2 – The Medic


Just to be clear, not the medic from Team Fortress 2 (although that would’ve been awesome) but a futuristic sciencey version of a medic in Wildstar. Now sooner or later players always try a healer class once, and why not? It feels awesome to be the most important class in the group, that life and death begins and ends with me, and after a tough battle one person will always say ‘Nice heals!’ However most healer classes don’t have anything else outside of group activities and usually get slaughtered in PvP or bored in solo adventures. Wildstar’s medic will change all of that, not only does it multitask their abilities with the use ‘stations’ and ‘probes’ but they look awesome doing it. Also similar to the Spellslinger, they don’t just stand still but they move all over the field to best their skills. Finally – they can bring the pain DPS style to the enemies; hey you never took the Hippocratic oath. Now some might prefer the classic healer archetype, but don’t fear the unknown people, give this updated version a try you might like it.





Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.2 – The Spellslinger


Magic + Guns = class type? Apparently so since the next class in Wildstar is the Spellslinger, which is a lightening fast DPS masta. Armed with dual mag pistols, sigils, and the ability to teleport between dimensions this class is perfect for players who don’t like to take damage but sure love to give it. Also they can heal like crazy so in the event of them actually getting hurt (or their allies) they can break out the ol’ healing shots and get back into the fight. Finally, heavy armor might save your life, but the slingers gear looks several times cooler than any other class. Having magical six shooters, pain inducing sigils, healing, and short range porting alone makes it an inventive, awesome class – looking cool doing is just icing on the cake.






Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.2 – The Esper


Now here’s a question a lot have asked: Can you be a mage/wizard in a sci-fi game. I generally lean to yes because hey – why not? However I do understand how an ultra-futuristic tone of sci-fi would clash with mystical elements of magic and wizardry. Carbine Studios and NC Soft  also agree, and to that effect their Esper class is not magic but a mentalist that uses the power of the mind to create psychic images, metal shockwaves, and healing auras. Sure the Esper still have the glass jaw of glass cannons but as a class that can heal as well as bring the pain it is more likely you’ll go down before the Esper does. Watch the videos and see if the Esper can’t turn you into a believer too.






Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.2 – The Warrior


You thought it was over didn’t you, sorry but no. The awesomeness of WildStar can’t be contained into one week but, at least, two. This week will feature the classes that players will have the options of playing. First up, the main stay of any MMO: the Warrior. Now don’t me wrong; the warrior is, as it always shall be, a highly armed & armored tough guy/gal. But WildStar decided to give your basic warrior class some much need upgrades like an arm cannon for long distance enemies, and array of snares, tethers, knockdowns to keep other pesky classes on the defensive. Oh and one more thing:  nuclear-powered Greatsword, I don’t care who you are, if you get hit will anything nuclear-powered you’re going to feel it. But enough of me explaining the Warrior when I can show it in video forms. Enjoy!