VGA Quickie: Smite (2016)


No time for monkey business here.



Let’s Preview: Gigantic (Part 3 of 3)


Just in time for the Christmas season; Part three of three of Gigantic, a free to play Strategic Hero Shooter, in today’s Let’s Preview.






Let’s Preview: Gigantic (Part 2 of 3)


Just in time for the Christmas season; Part two of three of Gigantic, a free to play Strategic Hero Shooter, in today’s Let’s Preview.








Let’s Preview: Gigantic (Part 1 of 3)


Just in time for the Christmas season; Part one of three of Gigantic, a free to play Strategic Hero Shooter, in today’s Let’s Preview.





This just in (Or not): New Hero Reveal


Time for a little monkey business in ‘This just in’ today. Find out who’s the newest character coming to Paragon , you’ll go ape! Last prime ape joke, promise.





Let’s Play a Little: Battleborn



I don’t know if I’m born for this, but I’m more than ready to play it anyway.







Beta to the MAX: Battleborn



MOBAs, to me, they always seems like a half done genre. Not knowing what it is or its general purpose to the gaming world at large. Even ‘good’ MOBA are stagnate and repetitive beyond a title’s reply valve. However that is changing thanks to excellent developers like Gearbox Software and Motiga. They are transforming MOBAs into something worth their hype. Don’t believe me? Then watch my video of the Battleborn open Beta – then try it for yourself (if you can, the open beta is for a limited time).


Games and Gear (of 2016): Battleborn


Now there’s no shortage of MOBAs out there, so why is Battleborn different? Because it’s a MOBA for people who hate MOBAs, and that my friends, is good enough for me.

Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Tales from the Borderlands


Ok people time to hear a sad truth: with Gearbox Software focusing heavily on their newest IP, Battleborn, they have said on many an occasion that Borderlands would be put on the back burner. A bummer I know (though on the plus side I’m sure Battleborn with be an excellent addition to their line up of games), but worry not for the story of the Borderlands is not over yet thanks to Telltale Games and Tales from the Borderlands. Following a little bit after the end of Borderlands 2, Tales (the game, not the developer) starts two main characters: Fiona, a con-woman looking for the big score, and Rhys, a corporate lackey looking to become the next Handsome Jack. Through misfortune and mistrust they become tie together as their fate will be up to you. While this being a CYOA game, it lacks the frantic run and gun play style fans have grown accustom to in the Borderlands series. However it still retains the humor that the series is also known for, and since these character aren’t vault hunters the dangers are more real for them, and me, as we go along. The best thing about this title is that it fills in the Borderlands lore, which before Borderlands 2 was slim to none – and Borderland 2 only as necessary. A must download for all Borderlands fans, seeing how this might be the only thing we get Borderlands wise for a while.




Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Smite


As you all know me and MOBAs have a ‘Tolerate – Hate’ relationship, I think the game type as a whole lacks the white knuckle excitement of FPSers and at the same time dumb down versions of MMORPGs. However there is no denying its rise to popularity in the major gaming circuit. Whole internet channels are devoted to MOBAs and many gamers I even know swear that MOBAs are the master race of gaming. Whether that’s true or not only time will tell, however even I see the potential in one: Smite. Recently fresh off an open beta Smite is a MOBA that use gods, goddesses, and cosmic level beings are the characters. Sure you still do all the things MOBAs do (Spec you character with items, select a role, runs the lanes, work the jungles, etc). However since this MOBA was made in mind for the Xbox One they made the controls tighter for that purpose. The view is 3rd person for your character instead of a top down like other MOBAs. These changes make all the difference and set Smite apart from the rest. Add to the fact that it’s a Free-to-Start game (you can pay for certain characters individually or all of them, past, present, and future, for one lump sum price) and you got EZ choice gift for your favorite solo mid player out there.