Game Review: Project X Zone 2



They’re back! And just in time for the new year, from the good people of video games (some of them anyway): Project X Zone 2. So the story is giant gold chains some how break reality and iconic video game characters join forces to find out why and stop it. Yes I know there’s more to the story, but you don’t play PXZ 2 for the story, you play to see Jin & Kazuya from the Tekken series team up with with Phoenix Wright and Mia from Ace Attorney do an awesome 81 hit combo with with Chrom & Lucina from FE Awakening. Other than adding new characters, a shop to buy items, and including some customization options; Project X Zone 2 is just like Project X Zone. Although the original game did have better music than the sequel and I kind of miss the avatar characters, Kogoro & Mii, from the first game; Project X Zone 2 is a safe, but faithful follow up to the series. If your a fan of strategy titles with some fighting game elements in it, or a fan of the first game, then this will be a no brainier. Everyone else: try before buy.








Games and Gear (of 2016): Project X Zone 2


Project X Zone 2 is one of those game you don’t think that hard about, just sit back and enjoy the peanut butter in chocolate crazy moment that will coming our way soon.

Games & Gear of 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X (2015)


The good news is that Xenoblade Chronicles X has a release date in Japan (April 29), the bad news is that’s the only confirmed release date as of now. However worry not because the spiritual sequel to the highly loved Wii title will release this year. I’ve been looking forward to this one since I’ve seen it in 2013’s E3. One because it will have mechs in it, and I love mechs, two because it’s a RPG, and I love RPGs, and three I missed out on playing the first Xenoblade so playing Chronicles X will be the next best thing. A lot of what I’ve seen in trailers are impressive enough and Xenogears is a stellar series so Xenoblade Chronicles X should be a slam dunk and instance buy for any Wii U owner.




Armada’s E3 picks: Xenoblade Chronicles X (2015)


Ok people some more truth, I’ve never played Xenoblade Chronicles, and I don’t even know why not. I mean it was wildly received by gamers and reviewers since the game’s launch, and it was also on the Wii so you would think it would be a lock for me right? It never happened. Well ladies and gentlemen I won’t make the same mistake twice, because  as of this year’s E3 Nintendo announced Xenoblade Chronicles X and you can be sure I’ll be playing it when it comes out. Now technically not a sequel but rather and reboot/retelling X begins tragically with the world ending due to an intergalactic war between two alien races. The surviving humans barely escape to a beautiful but hostile world via a crash landing – that’s where you come in. As a survivor you must help tame the open-world land of dangerous monsters, protect fellow survivors from said monsters, and rebuild your civilization anyway you can. Of course nothing is as easy as that, but don’t worry, since this is a ‘Xeno’ series game you’ll get your hands on a mech sooner or later -and trust me there isn’t many problems a mech can’t solve.   Xenoblade Chronicles X will be out next year so you’ll have plenty of time to get your anime hair ready.