Let’s Review: Pacific Rim – Uprising


Our review of the latest giant robot punching movie: Pacific Rim – Uprising.








Games and Gears (of 2017): Resident Evil 7 Biohazard



Well people, do you want to escape your reality for the next four years, starting now? Well gaming is always an excellent choice. But which games to get? That’s where the Video Game Armada, and it’s newest Games & Gears list comes in.

Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Evolve


Turtle Rock Studios does two things very well: zombies and monsters, so while we wait for Left 4 Dead 3 (hopefully) why don’t you pick up a copy of Evolve for that gamer in your life. This particular title has a high replay valve because players can be one of, at the time of writing, 18 hunters working with 3 three other players in order to take down a giant monster. Or become one of five monsters and evolve up to victory (and of course kill the hunters). With many game modes, character abilities, stages, and random events hosted by Turtle Rock Studios, Evolve will be an almost endless generator of clutch moments and good times.




Trailer-Rama Week: 47 Ronin



Samurai, monsters, epic quests, an evil empire, revenge, and Keanu Reeves (whoa, he knows Bushidō). It’s going to be a party December 25 and for once not just of Christmas.