Game & Gear of 2015: Evolve (02/10/15)


People there is no doubt in my mind that Evolve will be the first great game of the new year. For one it was created by the same people who brought the world Left 4 Dead, so there’s that. For another it is a game that team work is a requirement and not an option (at least for the Hunters), seriously if you try to go John Rambo in Evolve you’ll die real fast and everyone will hate you because they’ll be down a man. And finally, for you lone wolf power gamers out there, you get to be the near unstoppable beast that is the alpha predator of Evolve. Hunt, kill, devour, and evolve into something even a Dark Soul boss would think twice before attacking. Trust me I’ve played the demo it’s the real deal – get the pre order so you can unlock the extra goodies while your at it, you’ll thank me later.






Aftermath/The End – Pacific Rim


Technically part 2 of the Pacific Rim review on Video Game Armada. Here we talk about the stuff we couldn’t in part 1. Enjoy!





Movie Review – Pacific Rim


Giant robots fighting Godzilla clones? You can’t go wrong here, our review of Pacific Rim.