Let’s Review: Stuber


Do you love/hate the 80s/90s cop movies? Hey! Do you love/hate millennials? Well do we have a movie to review for you!








Let’s Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home


The end of the beginning people. Marvel’s dominance of the movie houses all over the globe has been nothing but stellar, and the final of that 10+ year plan (or the start of a new Marvel campaign) is here. Is far from home another home run of Marvel? Well click on and find out!


NOTE: There will be spoilers at the end.






Old News: Tales from the Borderlands (Episode 4)

Episode 4 from Tales from the Borderlands in this segment of Old News.  








Let’s Review: Teen Titans GO to the movies

This movie will test your hatred of the GO.










Let’s Review: Incredibles 2

Better late than never right?







Let’s Play a little MORE!: Streets of Rage III

Last time for a while, I promise.





Let’s Play a little MORE!: Streets of Rage II (Part 3)


Ok… Maybe not.