E3 Aftermath / My picks of the show – Heroes of Ruin


Now people be honest, we all love Kid Icarus: Uprising; we love the characters, the story, the many different weapons and abilities, and the multiplayer. But its been a couple of months now and even the most dedicated fan boy needs a change of pace every now and again. Fortunately in only a few weeks’ time a rather interesting title from SquareEnix and N Space for the 3DS goes live. It’s called Heroes of Ruin. Basically players take on the role of one of four mercenaries: a beast swordsman, a gunslinger, a mage, and a savage brawler. Their mission is to save the dying leader of a country from a mysterious curse; but knowing SquareEnix as well as I do I’m sure this will all lead to a chain of events that will affect the entire planet. Now despite only having four classes to choose from player can customize their fighting style, armor, and weapons to their liking. Also the world of Heroes of Ruin is quite large and expansive; literary everyday a player can find a challenge out there in the world for your character to overcome. Finally why play alone when anytime to can join a game with fellow players you know or online with anyone – easy as pie. So yeah this game sounds a little like Diablo III, but who cares; the one downside to D III is that you can’t take it with you on the road (and easily play). Now thanks to Heroes of Ruin that dungeon crawling itch that most gamers get on long road trips will be a thing of the past – like calamine lotion for the soul.