Game Prview – Wildstar Warplots


I know, I know I said I wouldn’t show or talk about Wildstar anymore til the game launch, but after I found out about this I couldn’t help myself: Warplots. I won’t say anything else just follow the link and watch the videos and I’ll allow the awesomeness to effect you in that way.





Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.3 – Wildstar Release Date


Well people we wrap this three week journy of awesomeness with the annoncent we’ve been waiting for (or at least I’ve been waiting for): pre-order and Release Date! Yay! Sadly it is not soon enough for me but my 7th generation consoles will make the  time go that much faster (by the by Titanfall and Second Son Reviews coming soon). Now I’ve showed all the important bits, in my opinion, to get you all ready for Wildstar but they more to show and see just hit them up at their website or youtube page to get even more informed. Til then people see you on Nexus!






PVP! You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.3 – Adventures


The end, it’s sad I know but sooner or later you reach the end – of a game story. It’s especially sad in MMOs where you reached the highest level, have gear spec’ed to the max and you’re basically unstoppable only to have nothing challenging to fight end game. Well the Wildstar devs heard your cries and came up with something that even the most angriest of video game nerds might like: Adventures. Basically Adventures are a cross between the Matrix and Smash TV, a group enters into a virtual reality where they challenge the some-what unstable AI to a series of simulations ranging from alternate timelines to crazy no-way scenarios. If the group is successful then great rewards and bragging right would be theirs, but if they failed then everyone would die a very real death… I don’t imagine people taking the VR adventures in the Wildstar more than once, but hey for us this is a very perfect way to separate the gamers from the lamers – and people I’m no lamer. All that’s left to say is Adventure Time!!!!1! Sorry couldn’t help myself…





Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.3 – Paths


You remember people last week how I was talking about how engineering was job and not a class in most MMOs? Well feel that I need to clarify what I meant by ‘job’. See in MMOs players don’t just fight evil (or good depending on you faction) but they can also choose a job to learn. The benafit from a job is that, depending on the job mind you, players can get customized, speciallized, and/or unqiue item, weapons, and gear. Jobs usually involves alot of gathering ‘resoruces’ and learning new ‘recipes’ from vendors and the like. The job system in itself is not bad but it involves alot of busy work (some of which is not fun); even swtor, who had the most streamlined job system in my opinion, still had those familiar pitfall of jobs. Now I said all of that to say that Wildstar is atempting to change the job system; they don’t even all it ‘jobs’ they call them ‘Paths’. There’s only four (Settler, Scientist, Explorer, and Soldier) but with each path you can do so much and they aren’t limited to class or race either. From what I’ve seen people I’m very excited and impressed, I want to try them all. Get in the know and watch these vids.





Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.3 – Ability Mechanics


Sure the colorfulness of the game is neat, the races are unique, and classes are super chic; but a game isn’t a game if under the hood ain’t right. Fortunately Wildstar has that covered as well, small thing they done to make combat and movement as dynamic as possible. Now they have a few videos on the subject, but in the interest of our week schedule I’ll only show the most important one (in my opinion) because it deals with something players will be doing a lot of: using abilities.




Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.3 – The Stalker


It’s not over yet people (although this is the last week, I promise); Wildstar keeps rolling on with content. First the last of the classes and then some detail stuff, and finally a little surprise at the end of the week (chances are Wildstar fans already know though, but still). Anyway, the Stalker, basically your stealth class; that has gadgets, nanotech, combat stealth, and the ability to tank… Ok so it’s not your basic stealth class, watch the vids to learn more – as well as the thrilling conclusion of Team Frost v. Team Moore.


Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.2 – The Engineer


Now people, I’ll be honest with you I love the Engineer job set in MMOs. Now they’re not always called ‘Engineers’ in MMO’s, sometimes they’re called ‘Cybertech’, other times it’s called ‘Crafting’. Whatever the name it’s a job path that allows players to make cool stuff that explodes, shoots, or does something neat. However in some cases MMOs will make the Engineer job into it’s own class – with various degrees of success (honestly the best engineer class in my experience was the TF2 Engie). Wildstar’s take on the Engineer, I think, will be the one that will do the ‘class’ right. For one it has an all-purpose cannon that zap, burn, bomb, or shoot down enemies. Another thing is that this class has heavy armor (probably the first time for the class actually) so it can DPS or Tank. And of course players can rock bots which can off-tank, heal, DPS, and crowd control. So yeah Engineer is a one man army and yes, chances are I’ll be pick this class once the game comes out.