This just in (Or not): NX reveal – The Nintendo Switch




I dream come true for gamers, a nightmare for the competition – Nintendo next console is revealed, and its name is Switch.






This just in (Or not) – LucasArts is put on the bus



First THQ, then Junction Point, now LucasArts, what the heck man, what the heck… See a few days ago Game Informer broke the story on how, the now Disney owned, LucasFilm made the decision to close down their game studio LucasArts and focus on licencing due to:


“minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games”


Now I’ll be honest people I do not recall the last time LucasArts made a game that wasn’t Star Wars centered and/or really got people excited to play. That being said when they do a game that works, it works (Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, Sam & Max, Monkey Island, 48% of their Star Wars games, etc); so having this interactive entertainment company being shut down really sucks. I also find it interesting that it’s Disney once again killing these companies. Look Disney – I’ve nothing against you, I like your movies, watch some of your TV shows, and generally don’t listen to the rumors about you. But stop messing up my video games would you please, because if there’s one IP out there who has way fewer title hits than LucasArts, is yours.



Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. It was like GTA with awesome and LucasArts made this… Sometimes life’s just not fair.

Armada TV – Spongebob v the People (again)

Yeah so this happened:



And I can’t really add anymore to what Tom Kenny said here; children are not computers they’re living people (or soon will be). They learn at school and should enjoy themselves watching TV as adults do. That doesn’t mean letting them watch everything under the sun but as far as Spongebob is concerned, he’s as safe as a regular sponge in the kitchen. No, wait, he’s even safer than that considering what’s in your typical kitchen sponge these days.


Sorry Sponge old bean, but chances are this isn't the last stand you'll have to take

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