The Fall of Games: Review Week – Warrior’s Way



You know its funny, it was seeing the preview of Warrior’s Way that ultimately convinced me to buy these new street pass games. It’s even more apropo that it’s the last one I’m reviewing because it might be the weakest of the four games – that doesn’t means it’s a bad game though. The game starts with you inheriting your own kingdom, and then your butler says: “Hey let’s take over the world.” & you say: “Okay!”  (I’m paraphrasing) & that’s basically the story of Warrior’s Way – you roam around countries and try to defeat them. So how does the street pass work in this game? Well being a leader of your own country with global domination on the to-do list, you need an army.  As such anyone you meet via street pass AND all they met via street pass will become soldiers for your armies. Neat, huh?  Well… There’s a caveat. If you meet someone via street pass who also has the Warrior’s Way game, they won’t be soldiers for your cause, they’ll be rival monarchs who could very well challenge you if their armies big enough. Fortunately you don’t have to fight ‘em, but if you do and you win then a part of their army will be yours, and opposite will be true if you lose however. So how do you do battle, simple as paper, scissors, rock – really. Infantry (paper), Archers (scissors), & Cavalry (Rock) are your three units; each units with their own strengths & weaknesses.  You beat your opponent by strategy or sheer numbers two out of three battles and you win the war. And that pretty much it for Warrior’s Way, you see my problem? All the other new street pass games have a simple but clever system about them; Warror’s Way is pretty cut and dry with no imagination. Still it’s fun, offers pvp play and does give you some customizing options for your kingdom, so yeah, its not what I expected but its still better than a lot of app games on the market today.













The Fall of Games: Review Week – Monster Manor



In this game players take on the role of an investigator who was hired to discover the mystery of monster manor along with your plucky young sidekick who I’ll just call ‘plucky’ because I forgot what her name it. Anyway the mystery wasn’t so hard to figure because it was ghosts, and thanks to their otherworldly ghostly powers you can’t escape the manor (well let’s pretend you can’t).  However there’s hope, the manor also mii jacks all the street pass mii you come across with. They have map pieces of the manor’s interior (why do they have them? you’re asking too many questions) and are  more than willing to give them up if you figure out how to get out this crazy place and defeat the ghosts along the way. So basically Monster Manor is a thinking mii’s game: there are an unknown number of floors in the scary estate and each floor is shrouded in mystery. That’s when the map pieces from the street pass mii’s come in. Each piece contains various shapes for hallways on the floors, it’s up to you to figure out which piece will fit just right in a floor, but it doesn’t stop there. Players also have to think ahead when they place pieces because each piece will be in the favorite color (from their shirt)  of the Mii you received it from; if you match pieces of the same color with one another then they’ll change from a hallway to a room. A room will have all sorts of goodies like weapons, gems, items, a place to store all your stuff, even other miis to help you once again and more. Speaking of weapons, you’ll be using blasters to fight the undead. You’ll start will a rusty blaster but if you’re a good detective you’ll better blasters that have elemental effects and special abilities. Players can even upgrade them if they got the right materials. Monster Manor, like all the new 3DS street pass games, is a lot of fun and certainly worth the $5 I paid to the sales bunny for the title. There’s nothing left to say but bustin makes me feel good baby.












The Fall of Games: Review Week – Flower Town



You know, after saving the Hyperverse for I don’t know how many times. It’s just good to sit back, relax, and garden. I’m serious. At first glance Flower Town would seem to be the weakest of the new 3DS street pass games, so wimpy looking, but not wanting to be ‘that guy’ I bought it and gave it a try – glad I did, this game is Zen garden in virtual form. See in this game your mii moves into Flower Town to become a master gardener, which by fortunate providence everyone in town is more than willing to help you with especially Mr. Mendel (the town busybody I’m sure – but he means well). And while Mendel offers advice, and rest of the town (in the form of stores in a mall) gives you assistance in other ways (for a modest fee) it’s once again up to street pass players that make this game work. Once you plant a seed in the pot you’ll need other players to water it until the flower blooms. After that you can get seeds from it and from there you can repeat the process with new plants (provided you keep getting street pass player) until you reach your goal. And that’s the beauty of the game; they give to goal of growing 20 different flowers, but really after becoming master you still want to grow more to see the different types of flowers you can produce. Or buy new items for your garden and arrange them just so to fit your style, you can buy new plots of land for more gardens, and even sell plants for more scratch on the side. Even more options open up over time giving you quite a bit to do in Flower Town; all without a ticking clock, an impending doom, or convoluted storyline – meaning that the game is very relaxing and fun at the same time. Now you action junkies and CoD fans might think this game is definitely not for you, but I challenge you to try the game. It’s not the best headshot of a match that unlocks the AC-130 killstreak (and what is really?), but you might be surprised about how much fun you’re having growing a Vibrant Coronet.










The Fall of Games: Review Week – Mii Force


That’s right people, although the weather may not seem like it, September marks the beginning of fall- and thus the ‘Fall of Games’! Where all game companies, big and indie, vive for your dollars. And in true fall of games fashion there have been enough game releases to choke a console, an entire week worth (yes which includes Sunday and Saturday). With the approach of the final two next gen systems on the horizon,  these games are the very tip of a massive gaming glacier that’s to come, so let’s get started.





Ah Nintendo, they’re always doing something to remind me why I like them & video gaming as a whole. Recently they updated their Street Pass Mii Plaza on the Nintendo 3DS that not only improves their old games and options, but includes new fun things to do like hats and costumes (a la Team Fortress 2). However the biggest features are four new games players can buy at five dollars a pop – one of which is Mii Force. Set in the Street Pass Galaxy you play as the noble Mii Force squad leader who’s tasked to safeguard four planets under your charge. Things were doing great until the Gold Bone Gang showed up a started to cause trouble, so it’s up to the Mii Force to stop their villain plans. Mii Force is an old school space flight shooter that has you fly against waves and waves of enemies til you meet & beat the boss. Now the bad news is that your ship has no offensive or defensive abilities (I know it sucks), but the good news is that your squad (people you meet via Nintendo street pass) becomes the weapons and protection for your ship. What’s more, depending on the color of their Mii shirts will dictate what weapon you can use: Red shirts (heh, accidental reference) use flamethrowers, Orange shirts fires lasers that can fire through walls, white shirt launch indestructible yo-yo saw blades, and so on. You can upgrade these weapons with other crew members, so if you prefer the saw blade over the flamethrower you can now make it more powerful instead of settling. Finally your crew can take the hits for you in battle, but in doing so you’ll lose their weapon armaments so fly true or get screwed.



Outside of not getting blowed up, you’ll also want to try and get the high score by collecting five treasures per stage, earning enough rubies (the coins of the game) for the bonus, and even keeping all your crew pods during the game (aka not getting hit during a stage). Do this and you’ll be the top flier of the score board, earn titles, and tickets that you can use for buy new hats for your Mii. So enough info – how does the game play? In two words: very well. I’ve play this game alone through commutes and seems to fly by, sure you need street pass players to play (this is true for all Street Pass Mii Plaza games actually) but if you got the play coins then you can play as much as you want. Mii Force is fun and varied from stage to stage, don’t let the first planet fool you; and the fun of choosing your own weapon load outs never gets dull especially when you find out some weapons work better in different stages. I recommend downloading this game to your 3DS today, don’t let  the Gold Bone Gang take over YOUR galaxy!











Game Preview – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 3DS


Mario isn’t the only flagship character Nintendo has, but usually he’s the only one to get direct sequels these days – until now. In almost 22 years since the release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, it gets a sequel. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 3DS will be on the 3DS (obviously) and will bring back 16-bit (esque) Link and that top down view that Link to the Past was famous and fun for. The game they also use the 3D not only to impress but as a ‘puzzle solving mechanic’ as well. However other than the game also returning to the ‘Dark World’; there’s very little known about the sequel at this time. Stay tuned for more Zelda news as it falls through the cracks.




Game Review – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon



Mario, Mario, Mario. It’s always been about Mario; well not anymore because Nintendo has proclaimed 2013 as the Year of Luigi starting with this: Luigi’s Mansion – Dark Moon, the sequel to the Gamecube title Luigi’s Mansion. In that game Luigi took a starting role as reluctant ghost hunter to, with the help of Professor E. Gadd and his Poltergust 3000, save Mario from ghosts in a semi creepy mansion. He does and gets a house out the deal, nice. This time around the valley of ‘Evershade’ is in trouble because some malevolent force destroyed the Dark Moon, which kept the ghosts there in check. Now they’re out of control and since the good professor only knows one ghost hunter he bring Luigi back into service –  much to Luigi’s everlasting fear.



Dark Moon is very similar to the original game as Luigi can capture ghosts using a combination of flashlight (to weaken ghosts), dark light (to find them) and sweeper (with the new Poltergust 5000 to capture or contain them). However the 5000’s dark light & suction capacities can be upgraded to better effectiveness. Not stuck in a mansion this time around (although you do start there) Luigi takes his ghost busting ways all over the valley capturing ghosts, unearthing treasures (you’ll need them for the upgrades), solving puzzles and most importantly finding pieces of the Dark Moon to put it back together again. Controlling wee-gee on the 3DS is a little different, but after a few levels you’ll get the hang of it – or run screaming to your mama.







This is why I prefer portable game console games over app games: complete, thought-out game experience and not some extremely repetitive process. Dark Moon is the total gaming package backed up with the awesome power of the 3DS (which the game looks great on by the by); variety of ghosts to test your skills on (both new and old), puzzles that was rack your brain on, treasures to get your bling on, boss fights to get on (your nerves – in a good way), heck it even has various co-op and online modes to show your friends who’s the best buster in the yard is. Some control issues aside Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a real winner and a fun light hearted adventure with Luigi. Tomorrow’s review is the one long awaited game that’s may change the face storytelling – that’s right Club Penguin’s Puffle Hotel Grand Opening.




This just in (Or not) – Project X Zone announced for North America



Project X (Cross) Zone (プロジェクト クロスゾーン) could have been one of those awesome games staring the greatest characters of not only one, not two, but three game brands (Namco Bandai Games, Capcom, and Sega) all coming together in an epic crossover tactical role-playing adventure for the Nintendo 3DS – stuck in the home of its origin Japan. However the powers that be achieved greater wisdom and decided to share this gem with the entire world: Joy! Now there isn’t much info on the story or details of this title (or rather I can’t translated the info that is available) but after watching some youtube vids on the game and knowing some of the cast we get to play as I still want Project X Zone regardless – and I bet you all will too. Stay tune for further info.