What Santa brought me (Mini Game Review) – Kirby: Mass Attack


Now don’t worry people, this isn’t some half-massed cross over event that features everyone’s favorite puffball (Kirby) and Commander Shepard taking down reapers. No, Kirby: Mass Attack is titled such because Kirby has been dissected into ten clone Kirby’s by the dark magic of Necrodeus, leader of the skull gang (trust me; it’s less disturbing than it sounds). So the bad news is that like this Kirby can’t eat and copy the powers of his enemies (and that’s pretty bad); but to the good with his new man power he can gang up and overpower his foes with sheer force alone. Sounds simple right? Well you should know by now nothing ever that simple with Kirby. The sum of his parts can be easily dispatched in this game because there are so many hazards and things that want to kill you. Also you don’t control one Kirby bit at a time, you control all of them in a pile. As such players direct the pink armada through the use of the stylist; you can tap a space and they’ll go to it, hold down in a direction and they’ll keep moving constantly and so on. Players can also flick Kirby’s’ at something to take it down or grab it. They can even still fly if you hold down on the Kirby mass and ‘draw’ them a path like Kirby: Canvas Curse.


And that’s it pretty much; you must navigate between lands, fighting enemies as unique as ever, and all the while trying to micro manage the Kirby entourage into an elite fighting force. It’s just now I realize that Kirby is one of the few gaming icons that has evolved over the years. Sure they go back to the cash cow formula every couple of games, but every so often they try something different to shake up the status quo – I applaud this. I miss the copy powers it this game, but for all intended purposes this is the perfect definition of a video game: imaginative, innovative, can be enjoyed by little kids but offer challenges for adults, heck as a DS game you can play it anytime you want, anywhere you want. So yeah, I liked Kirby: Mass Attack for the reasons I stated above; come on with that face like a puppy and a new borne baby it could’ve have been bad and I still would have passed it – fortunately I didn’t have to sell out today (just a joke people, a joke – put those torches and pitchforks down).







R.I.P. My Nintendo DS


Well it finally happened, after five years of loyal service of gaming though thick, thin, collisions, preschool cousins, and countless pockets full of who knows what – my Nintendo DS Lite Onyx Black console became unusable last month. I’ll spare you all the details, but let’s just say my ‘techbereaker’ brother had something to do with it. You know, I almost didn’t buy ol’ Blackie (please don’t get offended general public) here. Yes during that time I still had the original DS that was silver and black (called the DS Phat to some); when they announced the new and redesigned Nintendo DS Lite I said:

“Great, another play by Nintendo to get my money again; I mean they have it already but the one thing I won’t buy is repetition. I have a DS already, I don’t need another.”

However as fate would have it my original DS also suffered an accident via missed pocket slip straight down some cement stairs (and it still turned on – but the top screen was shot). So I bought a new DS Lite and I didn’t wait til I got home to play with it; found a good spot at the mall, pop in Megaman ZX, and it was over.

It was like discovering electricity.

Smooth, clear, bright, loud – it had it all baby. Since then my new DS  was tied to my hip and I played it everywhere: school, work, friends, family, everywhere. I would be playing it right now if it wasn’t broken and would electrocute me if I tried. That being said, I don’t quite miss it as much as I should. I tribute that to two factors:

The iPod touch series: Even I must admit the power of cheap games that amuse me for hours (Angry Birds anyone). Those questionable games for $15.00, I’ll think I’ll pass.

And this:

The Nintendo 3DS is only a few short months away (running gag engage)

So yes it’s sad to put a good friend into the recycling bin, but you know what? I’m going to be ok. I can game with my iTouch just enough for the 3DS to reach my hot little hands, and once that happens people it is over, the face of gaming begin all over again.

I can’t wait… 🙂

Wii – The lo down III

Well ladies and gentleman we come to the end of the lo down segment with Nintendo great white hope, the Wii. Yes this little wonder of Japanese engineering is the love and desire of gamers, and the envy of their competitors. As well all know though, if something too good to be true, it probably is. Does this saying apply to the Wii too? Read on, my friends read on.

Strengths: The blind, deaf and dumb all know that the Wii major strength is it complete control system based on wireless motion movements via infrared sensor bar and their controllers Nintendo DS Lite, Nunchuk and Wii Remote (Similar to the PS3 and PSP but without the motion movements). Now what that means is that whatever motion players make, the character on the screen should make the same motion (i.e. throw a ball, shoot a gun, swing a sword, etc). Of course it depends on the game but you know what, it works surprising well. Which leads me to my next point, this simple style of game play is fun as hell. Sure, you look like you’re have a conniption fit, but you won’t care. Nintendo gives you opinions though in the form of a ‘classic’ controller and the Gamecube controller, so if the whole ‘hokey-pokey’ thing doesn’t work out you can plug them in instead (for most Wii games anyway). Then with the Wii comes with the Nintendo band name games, stuff said there. Oh, their online, which is a cross between Xbox live and Playstation network, also comes with Virtual Console which allows players to download classical (Nintendo or otherwise) games and relive the glory days of the 8 bit era. These reasons alone make the Wii a catch but the real deal breaker is that it’s only priced at $250 plus free game (Wii Sports).

Weakness: As much as I am a Nintendo elitist I must be truthful in all things game otherwise what’s the point? But anyway to start the Wii motion controls are a tricky thing between points. During one point the controls work fine but on others it’s glitchy and inaccurate. It is these types of games that don’t allow the use of standard controllers so you’re doubly screwed and if you want to keep playing the game got to work around this annoying trait. Another thing, the Wii is not a graphical powerhouse compared to the other systems. Sometimes it depends on the game marker, but if the same game is on all systems it won’t look as good on the Wii. The embedded memory storage is a little on the small side (smallest on the three console actually) but you’ll be fine if you get a Secure Digital memory card. The biggest blow to Wii dominance is it online multiplayer; unlike the others where can go online and then go to town on victims. However for the Wii you need ‘Friend codes’ to play online, it’s very annoying; players will have to scour to find these codes and get descent matches online. They still offer random matches, but to say they’re limited would be an understatement.

Overall: The Wii is the latest, biggest thing in gaming; both non and casual gamers find it unique and user friendly. So in turn gives those potential buyers with a family more a reason to buy it. However this tends to push away the Standard and Hardcore gamers, but this is a mistake. With ‘No More Heroes’, ‘Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles’ and more on the way Nintendo is reaffirming that this is a system for all, and I tend to agreed. If you don’t believe me, call any store, and ask if they have any Wii’s lying around, I dare you. So you all know where I’m leaning towards here; get the Wii as soon as you can. Nintendo got the market and they’re not letting go.