Game Gifts of 2012 – Hawken


Ok people, I got a rule when it comes to game in an ‘Open Beta’: I don’t review them. See even though an open beta in nothing more than a final shake down to either test out the performance of a title under player numbers or entice people to play the final product once it comes out; a game during a beta, even an open one, still could get radical changes implemented into it before it’s all said and done. We here at the Video Game Armada don’t review an unfinished product; it’s like judging a pizza that’s not even cooked. However that being said I love the open beta of Hawken. Sadly there is simply not a lot of mech games anymore, and people I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t control a giant walking death machine armed to the teeth with mini guns and rockets. Thank my lucky stars Hawken brings the genre back to the masses –for free no less. A beautiful looking (well as beautiful as a dystopian landscapes of grays and browns is) FPS, that lets the metal fly online against other player mech fighters in four different modes. Not much story in game a la Team Fortress, but you won’t care as you get to blow up some guy from New Zealand with a flak cannon. Temped as you may be, don’t started playing this without the person you’re gifting it to. It’s just poor manners.




This just in (Or not) – Guild Wars 2 public beta goes live in three days


Well people in an direct response to the swtor free play weekend (well, I don’t have proof of this, but come on people it’s too freaken close to be coincidence) Arena Net is letting the masses play an open and public beta in three days’ time. A few cavitates however: 1) there is no guarantee to gain access to this or any future Beta Weekend Events accept for preordering the Guild Wars 2 game (which I’m going to do after I get done writing this). 2) You choice of races are limited (charr, human, or norn races respectively), which is a shame, I was looking forward to playing as an Asura (next time, gadget, next time). Other than that, the only limitations you’ll have is your own imagination and your ability to stay awake after your 18th hour of straight playing.