WTF/FTW: Pacific Rim Wine

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling


Pacific Rim is an awesome movie that is getting its respect overseas (darn it America, you’re making me look bad). So imagine my surprise when I saw ‘Pacific Rim’ Dry (& Sweet) Riesling at the store the other day. I thought it might be a sweet (pun intended) way for a cross promotional product, I can see the ads now: “Now become as strong and fearless as a Laeger pilot, drink Pacific Rim Riesling! Made from pure fire lion, dragon, and phoenix Kaiju!” Sadly it was just a coincidence that a popular movie and a wine brand was named the same thing – I can accept that, but if I see a ‘World’s End’ draught beer in bars, then I quit.


Spoiler Warning: There’s no robots in this


Aftermath/The End – Pacific Rim


Technically part 2 of the Pacific Rim review on Video Game Armada. Here we talk about the stuff we couldn’t in part 1. Enjoy!





Movie Review – Pacific Rim


Giant robots fighting Godzilla clones? You can’t go wrong here, our review of Pacific Rim.

Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): Pacific Rim


I said it before and I’ll say it again: giant robots + aliens = awesome! Pacific Rim is only two month away people, only two months to away.





Trailer-Rama Week – Pacific Rim + BioShock Infinite



It’s a shame but there are not enough giant robot movies out in the world. My earliest movie memory is, you guessed it, giant fighting robots. I don’t remember the name though, all I do remember is a good guy bot fighting a black bad guy bot with four spider-like arms (and no it wasn’t animated –if anyone knows what I’m talking about, and knows the name, please yet me know).  Ever since then I’ve seen giant robo cartoons(foreign & domestic), played giant robo video games (foreign & domestic) and even owned not-so- giant robo action figures (foreign & domestic) – but giant robo movie are a rare thing indeed. Then out of no where here comes this beautiful piece of cinema that shows what they should have done a long time ago when facing any problem that threaten man kind – make a giant robot. I swear the zombie apocalypse would be a 5 minute scuffle when up against a nuclear powered death machine.  Fortunately they won’t be doing that (Zombies are played out) they’ll be fighting against giant monsters and aliens – finally my life is complete.






Finally, BioShock Infinite. In four days this game comes out, we all play, joy.  And of course you’ll get all the reviewy goodness here at Video Game Armada. Stay tuned.