Trailer-Rama Week – Borderlands 2: Mayhem Approaches


Now don’t get me wrong fokes, I like Salvador the Gunzerker. I like his attitude, I like is zest for life, and most importantly, love how he mows downs legions of baddies with two high powered weapons. However I’ve always been that guy who clubbed you with a gun more often than shooting you with it. Seriously most of my confirmed killed in FPSes are either melee or knife, what can I say I’ll always bring a knife to a gun fight (which is odd because I could never use a shotgun worth a fudd). The point is the Gunzerker was the closest class I could find that fit my close quarter combat style – til now. In this next DLC we get another vault hunter who saves his ammo by turning enemies into red mist the ol’ fashion way – by Hulk smashing them. Yay! Sadly we won’t know anymore until Pax East but just by watching this trailer it shows you all important stuff about the character.

This just in (Or not) – Irrational Games wants You (to be in BioShock Infinite)!


Well people its April already so you know what that means – PAX East is coming to town (well someone’s town, not mine sadly). Anyway for those who don’t know Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX, is a major festival devoted to, what else, video games and gaming in general. Created by the guys who authored the Penny Arcade web comic the PAX Prime, PAX East, and PAX Dev events have been going on for years now. This year however has a special contest running; they’ll be giving out paper top hats at the front door with the Infinite logo on it, if an employee of Irrational catches you with one on then you might be on your way to become the next gaming legend on BioShock Infinite! Now I’m unsure in what capacity they’ll use the images they selected for. After all they could just use their faces as random corpse dressing – but I’m not going to take that chance. Sadly due to other commitments I won’t be able to make PAX East personality, but I will put a photoshopped BioShock Infinite top hat on a picture my CGI avatar likeness and send it to the Irrational Games twitter feed. Sure it may not work but hey with video games anything is possible! Here the pic by the by:


Hey! I just had a thought; I'll pay someone $100 Bison dollars to cosplay as me for PAX east. That’s a steal ladies and gentlemen, everyone knows a Bison dollar with be worth five British Pound(s) once he kidnaps their queen.