Games & Gear of 2014 –Thief (2/25/2014)


Ok people confession time: I’ve never played the Thief series. Yes, yes, I know; how can I call myself ‘the one, true, Omnigamer’ if I never played Thief before? Well to be fair I was a console gamer for years & years because I couldn’t afford a gaming PC to play good PC games on. However thanks to the good people at Square Enix and Eidos Montreal, this reboot will be on home consoles as well as PCs so now players like me can see what the hub-bub is all about. From what I understand though Thief stars  Garrett, a master thief, who steals from the super-rich in a steampunk/fantasy type city (called the ‘the city’ no less). Garrett is a lover (of money) not a fighter, so doing things without being seen and with little violence will only help you in general. Other than that the game is a bit of a mystery ( oh sure there’s  mystical crap going on but nothing sold), but I always liked the idea of outsmarting opponents instead of immediately going for their jugular (although that’s fine too). Add to the fact that its name alone gives PC gamers shivers of excitement and I have a feeling we got a winner here.





Gift guide for great gamers: Team Fortress 2



Yeah I know this is another thing I’ve talked about too much, but hey, free + awesome = a good choice for PC games. Not much of a story (outside of the brilliantly funny web comic series), just a bunch of hired mercs with distinct abilities and personalities who are fighting over worthless things like gravel and astronaut monkeys. The humor and violence goes hand & hand which is the charm of the game. Too many shooters these days are grim and gray, but TF2 reveals in their tongue & cheek combat style – and they show no signs of stopping either. From hats & awards, to the robot apocalypse: Team Fortress 2 is an ever  evolving game and Valve’s greatest achievement to the industry. If you know anyone who like FPS’s, fun, and frantic action & not played this game yet then on Christmas Day download this game (via Steam of course) on their PC, buy some Mann Co. hats and get, them, busy!


Meet the… Meet the Soldier video, and Team Fortress 2 in a nut shell.

The Fall of Games: Team Fortress Update – A Tale of Two Cities


Even though the 8th generation of the console wars is in full swing, the PC nation is far from being ignored. In fact steam has just release a new expansion to their wildly popular free to play shooter Team Fortress 2 called ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. Along with, you guessed it, two new stages for their Mann vs Machine mode; players will also take advantage of new items, upgrades, visual effects, statics, and a much needed boost to the medic skill set. Now I don’t have a problem with the Medic in MvM, but a lot of players treat him like a pariah. With the new projectile shield (that also doubles as a robo bug zapper) & the reanimator (which bring dead players back to life) the herr doctor will once again be the most important person on the field of battle.




Characters of Color – Alyx Vance



Ok a little history, Half Life stars Gordon Freeman a scientist who, along with the company he works for, Black Mesa, accidently opens a portal to an extra dimensional reality where aliens, of course want to take over the world. Naturally this scientist sends them packing but before happily ever after he’s given a choice by the mysterious G-Man: work for him or die. Easy choice, he sends him to the future where earth is conquered by another group of extra dimensional aliens called the Combine (this guy gots the worst luck doesn’t he). Well like the first game Freeman starts showing the combine the door, but not without help this time. Enter the resistance and one of their main leaders Alyx Vance, our character of color for today. Probably the most popular and famous deuterogamist (fancy way for saying elite sidekick & second most important character in a story) Alyx Vance is the perfect person you want to take into the unknown with you: she’s a skilled hacker and machinist (turned a simple meter high tinker toy into giant guardian who acts like a dog), brave and intelligent but cheerful and optimistic – Alyx will often lighten the mood in dire situations but also stays on task to the goals at hand. But to brass tax the most important thing that makes her so special is that as an NPC in a game as epic and unconventional and Half Life she holds her weight and then some. Never do you have to worry about if Alyx Vance will survive in a co-op mission, but rather if she’ll stop saving your booty throughout the game. Where you readers are done here, please write to Valve and tell them to stop try to make a console and start finished up the Half Life series – I want to have more adventures with  Alyx Vance before I’m 80 please.






The just in (Or not) –Diablo III real money auction houses goes live in the states


The dungeon crawling dynamo Diablo III (try saying that three times fast( say ‘that’ doesn’t count either)) was perfect launch all things considered expect for the fact that the real money auction houses were unavailable – no longer. As of yesterday Blizzard activated the real currency option to be used at the game’s auction houses. Meaning that rare cudgel of oblivion just sitting around in your inventory can be now sold for actual physical money. Now there are rules, regs, and conditions but the possibilities are endless. A new economy has just been borne people, get out there and kill, kill, kill then sell, sell, sell.



What would Wario do? You know, make him proud.




This just in (Or not) – Guild Wars 2 public beta goes live in three days


Well people in an direct response to the swtor free play weekend (well, I don’t have proof of this, but come on people it’s too freaken close to be coincidence) Arena Net is letting the masses play an open and public beta in three days’ time. A few cavitates however: 1) there is no guarantee to gain access to this or any future Beta Weekend Events accept for preordering the Guild Wars 2 game (which I’m going to do after I get done writing this). 2) You choice of races are limited (charr, human, or norn races respectively), which is a shame, I was looking forward to playing as an Asura (next time, gadget, next time). Other than that, the only limitations you’ll have is your own imagination and your ability to stay awake after your 18th hour of straight playing.





This just in (Or not) – Star Wars the Old Republic goes FTP (for the weekend)


Ah Star Wars the Old Republic, I remember the betas and release like it was yesterday… Well I’m glad to say that the game has performed as well as I predicted (and seriously fokes, when BioWare puts their name on something you know it’s good). Now they are offering those still undecided a chance to change the face of the galaxy with their characters for free up until the 23th. That right it is another free weekend that certain MMOs like to do in hopes to get more players on board with their game – only this time its Star Wars and that’s a big deal people. Trust me, as a fan and a player you won’t regret one moment of the planet hopping, ship battles, rancor busting, story driven, PvP, cantina fueled, adventures you’ll undoubtingly have. Oh, by the by, check out their new site layout – doesn’t hurt to be acclimated.




Game Preview – Prime World Site Update


Hey gamers, remember Prime World? Yeah, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. See Prime World is a PC game similar to League of Legends (LoL) and Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Players are owners of their own Kingdom, where they can choose from there economy to how to wage war. The more impressive and well run your kingdom is, the powerful your armies becomes; you may even acquire heroes to fight for your cause – which is to obtain an all-powerful element called Prime. Well that game was announcement some time ago and when you would visit the website all you would see is a somewhat interactive flash page. Impressive, but not helpful for finding out information about the game. Well I’m glad to report that their site has been overhaul and new tabs have been included for research purposes. Still no release date information outside the ‘download soon’ tab, but something tells me I won’t have to wait for long – for now I’m going to read up.