This just in (Or not): New Hero Reveal


Time for a little monkey business in ‘This just in’ today. Find out who’s the newest character coming to Paragon , you’ll go ape! Last prime ape joke, promise.





Gift guide for great gamers: SimCity (2013)



Ah poor SimCity (and by extension Maxis and EA), it was full of promise and before its release perfect in the eyes of Sim fans everywhere. However once it went live, and a few weeks to months after, it suffered catastrophic server failures and lockouts. Needless to say the people who bought the game were not happy (I was just mildly annoyed) and went to the internet with their dissatisfaction. The damage has been done to the players and they have not logged back in since; but I must write to say give this game another chance. It is great fun build your city in your own image: create a shining utopia or slum city U.S.A., be paragon for law or a hive of scum and villainy, be a center for culture and art or a pollution churning industry town – your call. It’s even better now that you can take your civil servicing ideas online and work together with other players cities (or be their worst nightmare mwa ha ha). People I know it’s hard to forget all the crap this game put us through, but it’s the holidays, a time to forgive and forget. Everything works now; a new DLC is just waiting to be uploaded, and hey it’s not like SimCity was the only video game in resent times to have performance issues. So yeah, if you have it, play it now (maybe buy the DLC), if you know a PC gamer who like Sims or strategy titles buy this for them as a present.





The Fall of Games: Team Fortress Update – A Tale of Two Cities


Even though the 8th generation of the console wars is in full swing, the PC nation is far from being ignored. In fact steam has just release a new expansion to their wildly popular free to play shooter Team Fortress 2 called ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. Along with, you guessed it, two new stages for their Mann vs Machine mode; players will also take advantage of new items, upgrades, visual effects, statics, and a much needed boost to the medic skill set. Now I don’t have a problem with the Medic in MvM, but a lot of players treat him like a pariah. With the new projectile shield (that also doubles as a robo bug zapper) & the reanimator (which bring dead players back to life) the herr doctor will once again be the most important person on the field of battle.




P.C. v Consoles – Let’s make one thing clear…


In no way, shape, or form do I discriminate any video game platforms. As long as it’s done right and doesn’t come with any extra pieces of crap that I’ll never use again (I’m looking at you Guitar Hero & Rock Band) then I don’t have a problem. However there has been an issue going around, for I don’t know how long, about games and whether or not it’s easier to play with mouse + keyboard or with a game controller. Well I don’t know if it’s an issue with a lot of other gamers it is with me, I couldn’t tell you how annoyed I get every time a PC gamer comes up and says an ‘FPS’ on the computer is better because of the fricken mouse! I hate to break this all those mousers out there, but the clear winner the game controller obviously, and yes I can feel the hate right now. There are a number of reasons why this is so but I’ll stick to three to avoid a full on rant.

1. Over complication – Granted options are good the more the better I say, but seriously it takes far too long to assign each and every button on a mouse and keyboard to do a particular function. Usually the presets are fine to start, but no gamer worth the game just uses the presets alone unless they have no choice.

2. Maintenance – Mouses and Keyboards get dirty, if you don’t clean them often to will effect your game play (and general computing) all together. With a console controller, not so much. What’s more if one or, heaven help you, both items brakes your not only screwed, but you have to pay through the nose to get suitable replacements. Again not so much with controllers; they’re built for punishment (little kids, temperamental players, and the like) and cost effective to replace.

3. Doesn’t support a superior mediumLike a said before I don’t discriminate, I have a few PC games that I enjoy daily. Graphically beautiful in every sense, and without PC gaming, gaming as a whole wouldn’t be the same. All that aside though PC wasn’t built for games; it takes a great deal of time, money or both to make one even able to play every PC game out today. All it takes for a console to play a game is to buy or download it. Plus the majority of the game types are only FPS, Strategy and Simulation. How can the keyboard and mouse be the superior control scheme if they only (properly) control only a fraction of the game types out there? Sure they have the advantage in online role playing games; but that won’t last forever either. The times, they are changing.

Again I feel I can list more reasons, but these reasons alone should give my argument some weight. Still actions are sometimes more effective than words, and soon the time will come where PC and Console games will able to play online together. Maybe then we’ll see which style is more effective by the results after the game.