VGM – Kid Icarus: Uprising (Dark Pit theme)


Well people it’s time for another look into the more audio aspects of the video game culture and yes it’s another Boss Theme – technically. Now as we all know Kid Icarus: Uprising is an awesome game for just existing, but its natural goodness is magnified by its stellar soundtrack. Again I could have picked anyone of the game’s soundtrack and it would’ve have been gold. However at the end of the day I’ve chosen the Dark Pit Theme, because it surprised me with the instruments they used and made something epic. Composed by Motoi Sakuraba this little ditty herald the coming of Pit’s mirrored double: Dark Pit (or Pittwo to his friends). With the use of Spanish guitar, drums, bells, symbols, and horns this theme is not only full of its own natural energy, but its own uniqueness from any other boss theme out there. I dare you all to pick five boss themes from resent games and then play this one. They all have that intense cord of action that inspire players to do battle with an opponent; but only Dark Pit’s theme truly stands out.