Let’s Play a Little: Star Fox Guard



Ok guys this will be the game that proves Slippy doesn’t suck. Come on guys… I’m serious, stop laughing.






Let’s Play a Little: Star Fox Zero



Screw Dark Souls III, I got Star Fox Zero!












Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 4)


Boss fight tyme! Don’t worry though, when it comes to big, long, floppy things Bayonetta is a pro at handling them.

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 3)



You know who’s got some serious brass balls? Bayonetta. Too bad they’re inflamed.

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 2)


Last time we left off Bayo’s sister, Jeannenene, got her soul blasted out her body; in which got snatched up by the underworld soon after. Can’t let that stand so she’s hunting down a door that will take her to the underworld to save her. But forget all that – look! A squirrel with bling on it! AMAZING!

Games and Gear (of 2016): Star Fox Zero


Nintendo’s favorite furry flyers return this year: now with more reboot!

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 1)


We finished the first game so it was only a matter of time before we got back to Bayonetta. This time around though I got Blu as my wing man (woman?), so will she like the game or will she be offended by the huge amounts of T&A&T&T&A&T? Let’s find out as we begin Bayonetta 2.