Let’s Watch: Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference of 2016

E3 2016


And… DONE!!! WOO HOO!  Finally I’m free! First of all, thank you all Armada loyal for sticking with me through this, I’m glad E3 is only once a year.

The editing, was, unending… But worry not, next year will be much better, because I’ve learned a lot through my trials and tribulations.

Soon Video Game Armada will be back to full strength with LPL’s, Reviews, Batman (maybe), walkthroughs (definitely), and all the good stuff in life.

Now as for the Nintendo E3 press conference, I held off my rating until I watched the whole weeks worth of content (the video here is only the first day – heavily edited). Now that I have, and the event is long past done, I’ll pass my Judgement.

For what they showed it was great, especially the new Zelda title, which I might actually pick up and play.

However I found their show overall lacking in cool meaty details that you know they have like, I don’t know, the NX, for example (I understand why they didn’t as Sony & Microsoft are already combating the NX’s eventual arrival with their 2.5 consoles).

It also lacked the showmanship of previous transmissions as well, so Nintendo, unfortunately didn’t win E3 this year. That goes to Microsoft,  for having the right amount of interesting titles, energy of their press event, and no girl wood (sorry, last time).

Anywho, now that I’m finally done it’s back to business as usually at the Armada – stay tuned.






Let’s Watch: Sony E3 Press Conference of 2016

E3 2016


Sony & the PlayStation 4. The winner of the last year’s E3 thanks to cunning exclusive titles (timed or otherwise) and no spread sheets (see 2014’s E3 to see what I’m talking about). Since then they’ve been riding high with popularity and profits not seen since the PS2 era. So will the storied run of Sony 4th generation console continue on at E3, or will their successes make them complacent at the show? Watch on and find out – we’re almost done!












Armada’s E3 picks: Horizon – Zero Dawn (2016)


In this PS4 exclusive it’s the end of the world (naturally), and not only did humanity get a beat down (by robotic enemy I assume) but it was one that smacked them back to the hunter-gatherer days. Forget plasma weapons, power armor, and V.A.T.S., in order for you to survive you need a bow and arrow, quick wits, and some good luck (especially when your enemies are giant beast machines). It’s not all surviving by the skin of your teeth; players will also interact with the different tribes of the world, explore the beautiful landscape of the wild lands or the city ruins, and uncover what happen when the world went to crap. Horizon may not be Fallout 4 (and what is really) but it might be the thinking mans (or womans) Turok the Dinosaur Hunter. When adventure goes hand in hand with mystery and the majority of your enemies will be bigger, stronger, better armed, and more of them than you. It will be the ultimate test of man v machine v nature for supremacy of the new earth and I have a feeling that players will enjoy every minute of it.




Armada’s E3 picks: The Order 1886 (02/20/15)


The Order 1886 is not your standard 3rd person shooter, but rather a hybrid of mythical elements, steam punk, and mutants. Set in a Victorian-Era, 1886, you play as Sir Galahad; one of four main characters that are a part an order of Knights spanning back to king Arthur’s day. Accept, of course, Arthur never used lighting guns, mortal launchers and concussion rifles, but you do. Your job, and the job of your order, is to project the crown from all who threaten it; whether that’s a growing terrorist rebellion or genetic throwbacks that are both man and beast. The story itself hasn’t changed since the game was first announced, but from the trailers we can tell that this game will have a darker tone, questionable mortal ethics, and interesting combat using weapons and against enemies that are anything but the standard.




Games & Gear of 2014 – The Order: 1886 (12/30/2014)




Hey people, so when your playing Gears of War do you say to yourself: “This is great! But I wish there was more near immortal Englishman knights using steam-punk weapons to fight terrorists and half man-half beast mutations.” Well I got great news for you, your friends at Ready At Dawn are creating in interesting new 3rd person shooter called ‘The Order: 1886’. Where it asks the question, what would happen if the human genome went alter beast on some people and they started slaughtering the rest. The answer, drink black goo that makes you live hundreds of years to kill them all. Not only that but be around when weapons technology is upgraded  so you’ll get to use neat weapons like lightening guns and phosphorus launchers (that shoot explosive clouds of death at enemies). Add to the table squad base tactics, unique characters, and a mysterious story and you got a game that will spawn many sequels over the next few years – but it begins with The Order.






That’s Gamertainment – Sony’s PlayStation 4 Unboxing


Days after the release of PS4 and already there are some problems and some less than favorable reviews about their starting game lineup. Well people you know the old saying: it easier to apologize for bugs, bricks, and boring games than asking a waiting audience to bare a delay. I’m not going to lie, I would still get the PS4 if given the chance,  that’s why today we’re taking a look at the unboxing video of the PS4 (provided by C|net). Don’t worry people who bought the Ps4 and are having these problem; Sony is doing everything in their power to fix their million dollar baby, and unlike GTA Online the PS4 will be a long term investment that will earn its keep over the years.





The Fall of Games: The Wii U price drop and 2DS announcement



That’s right people, although the weather may not seem like it, September marks the beginning of fall- and thus the ‘Fall of Games’! Where all the game companies, big and indie, vive for your bingatude for the holidays. Well I’m proud to say this year Nintendo leads the charge with console news. As you all know the Wii U came out almost last year and are starting to get new games that show the capabilities. However their time as the only next gen system out there is coming to a close. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are looming right around the corner, so in order to get more attention and make their choices more appealing to late adopters they came up with two deals. One: on the 20th of this month the deluxe version of the Wii U (you know the sweet black one) will knock off $50 off its price and be a cool $300 retail. The other news is that a new Nintendo 2DS will be available on Oct.12, which is basically a 3DS without the 3D. Me, I think the 3D part is the most important part, but it’s hard to argue with the $129.99 price tag.  So with cheap next-gen systems with a library of games on the Nintendo side, the Fall of Games starts strong. However Sony and Microsoft have not even begun to fight – stay tuned.