Trailer Rama: The Strange Power of Doctor Rangers


Today we talk about the strange, the powerful, and race swapping. Must be Trailer-Rama a day!

This just in(Or not): Bryan Cranston staled as Lex Luthor for upcoming Superman/Batman movie



Update (8/30/13): Sorry guys, but as I just found out this is just a rumor. Bryan Cranston is not going to play Lex Luther (stupid internet). Again sorry all, but I’m going keep the post up because the pic is cool.


Update (4/25/14): Lex Luthor is being played by Jesse Eisenberg… Ok…




So after Ben Bat-gate, the people of the Man of Steel sequel probably said to themselves:


“Hmmm… So Ben as the Bat didn’t get the fans as excited as we hope. We need the guy playing Lex Luther to be nerd favorite, have villain cred, star in a Fox sitcom, and most importantly – be bald.”


And thus Bryan Cranston was chosen, all kidding aside though this actor a very good choice for Lex because of his resent role of Walter White, a drug kingpin in the show breaking bad. I’ve never watched the show, but I know people who do, and they never shut up about him and the show in general. Two big reveals in a span of a week, the Superman/Batman movie is on a roll, stay tuned for more.




Mini Game Review: Power Rangers Legends

power rangers legends

So people, when I saw this app game advertised I thought: “Yeah! This is going to awesome!” but in playing this game on my iPad I said to myself: “Yeah! This kind of sucks!” Oh sure the game looks good and the music is halfway decent but that’s about it people. Power Ranger Legends is a complete letdown in almost every way. First the game is nothing more than a Infinity Blade palette swap; meaning one-on-one fights using your finger to attack and parry the enemy, buying items to improve overall combat, and using super moves and combos to lay down some smack. However the different is that Legends sucks; parrying’s a joke, the items are ineffective, and enemies are really, really, cheap. Wait! There’s more! The ‘legends’ in Power Rangers Legends only add up to three rangers (Tommy, Kimberly, and Emily), three rangers don’t equal Legends Saban – you could have at least make it five rangers to pick from. The main bosses are even worse; sure they got the all-powerful Lord Zedd, but Master Xandred and Trakeena (whose’s not available yet)? No one cares about them! Give me the machine empire or Ransik, heck even Lothor would have been better than those two nuggets. Finally the game tended to crash on me during loading so just the ability to keep playing was a chore. If I even had to pay one cent for this atrocity to power rangers I would have given it an epic fail, but since it was free and only time was lost a very generous fail will do.






Trailer-Rama Week – Pacific Rim + BioShock Infinite



It’s a shame but there are not enough giant robot movies out in the world. My earliest movie memory is, you guessed it, giant fighting robots. I don’t remember the name though, all I do remember is a good guy bot fighting a black bad guy bot with four spider-like arms (and no it wasn’t animated –if anyone knows what I’m talking about, and knows the name, please yet me know).  Ever since then I’ve seen giant robo cartoons(foreign & domestic), played giant robo video games (foreign & domestic) and even owned not-so- giant robo action figures (foreign & domestic) – but giant robo movie are a rare thing indeed. Then out of no where here comes this beautiful piece of cinema that shows what they should have done a long time ago when facing any problem that threaten man kind – make a giant robot. I swear the zombie apocalypse would be a 5 minute scuffle when up against a nuclear powered death machine.  Fortunately they won’t be doing that (Zombies are played out) they’ll be fighting against giant monsters and aliens – finally my life is complete.






Finally, BioShock Infinite. In four days this game comes out, we all play, joy.  And of course you’ll get all the reviewy goodness here at Video Game Armada. Stay tuned.