Armada’s E3 picks: Sunset Overdrive (10/28/2014)


Insomniac Games is one company that love the bring the action, whether realistic or not. Sunset Overdrive is definitely in the ‘or not’ category, but that’s not a bad thing people. I mean a lot of shooters (1st or 3rd) in resent times are very serious, very dramatic, and very monotone. Long did I want a shooter that was the next ‘Conker: Live and Reloaded‘ or the next ‘Team Fortress 2‘ but my friends it looks like my prayers have been answered. Sunset Overdrive will have: colorful characters, wide open world, hordes of mutants(not zombies, mutants) to kill, awesome abilities, even awesomer weapons, and the refreshing quality of not taking itself seriously as a game. All it wants you to do is fight mutants, beat the game, maybe play with other people online, and have a good time. And you know what people I’m down with that. Pre-order the game right now to get awesome goodies from your favorite provider of games.





Average Video Gamer #6 – The Fall of Games: Pt.3

Astarboardly, th’ third an’ final in this storyline. Once gamer get his pre-orders homeport, he does what he does best: plays them. Howerethere`s somethin’ t’ be spake about takin’ a break ever’ once in a while. Enjoy!

(By th’ by, Talk like a Pirate Day maybe o’er everywhere else, but th’ Armada keeps ‘t goin’ fer one more tide ARRR!!!)



Armada’s Game coverage from the San Diego Comic Con – Part 2


People our time has finally come, the wait is nearly over. Yesterday, like a glorious symphony, the people at BioWare announced the purchase of pre-order packages for the long awaited MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. This means ladies and gentleman that a release date will soon follow, I can’t wait… Now the packages are available to purchase right now in various video game providers in store and online; they come three awesome flavors –


Standard Edition: Which is just your game saved at launch, better safe than sorry right? It also comes with a Color Stone which changes the color of your weapon’s fire and saber blade.


Digital Deluxe Edition: Now this one’s only available via Origin, and is a direct to download deal (say ‘direct to download deal’ three times fast). You get everything the Standard has plus a few toys for your in-game character to play with:


  • Flare Gun: Fire a dramatic and inspiring flare high into the air.
  • Training Droid: A small but advanced training droid to hover at your side for combat assistance.
  • Holo Dancer: Portable entertainment system to project your own holographic dancer.
  • Holo Cam: Keep visual records of your in-game adventures as you travel the Star Wars galaxy.
  • STAP: The STAP is a sleek and unique in-game vehicle you will acquire during your journeys


Collector’s Edition: Here’s the big daddy right here, it has it all; not only more in-game gear but some real life tchotchkes for the hard core swtor fans. It’s already sold out in some places, but never say never and these are the things you can get as a reward:


  • Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue
  • Game disks collectible metal case
  • The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural as annotated by Satele Shan
  • The Old Republic galaxy map
  • Custom Security Authentication Key
  • Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD
  • High-quality Collector’s Edition box


  • Exclusive Mouse Droid: A little Mouse Droid to join your adventures.
  • Exclusive Collector’s Edition Store: Unique in-game vendor with a dynamic assortment of items available only to purchasers of the Collector’s Edition.


Now I’m already sure everyone and their mama already got five pre orders in, but for those who haven’t – do so NOW! Trust me, when the insane nerd posse returns from comic con, there won’t be copy left til launch day.









Now on the more spandex side of things the action MMO DC Universe will be releasing its very first DLC ‘Fight for the Light’. It stars the Green Lantern and his arch nemeses Sinestro, giving both heroes and villains adventures (or crimes) to undertake. Of course players don’t watch epicness but join in, by joining either the Lantern Corp or the Sinestro Corp. Once they do they gain access to the new seventh power set: Light Powers. Say what you will about the Green Lantern movie, but the powers were teflon cool, the same powers players can now weld once the DLC goes live. I’ll admit I don’t play this MMO, I’m saving myself for swtor, but this DLC has peaked my interest… Nyaaaaa, I’m wait unit they give me a seven day free trial like Rift.


This just in (or not) – StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and Diablo III preorders are available at ebgames

Well the title says it all, both StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and Diablo III pre-orders are now here – although there’s still no concrete release date yet. So fans get the gettin, this is the only bone we’re going to get at the moment.

*With the pre-order of ‘StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty’ from ebgames comes a beta key to the game; so again, get the gettin’

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