Game Preview: House of Wolves recap


The Reef: A new social area to pal around in, to meet new characters and explore.


The Trials of Osiris: A weekly event where you and two other players test your mettle against a rival fireteam for glory and sweet loot.


The Prison of Elders an end game dynamo that will either carve out your place among heroes or buried you in an unmarked grave.


Needless to say I’m getting the House of Wolves DLC on the 19th, and I hope you all will too.




Game Preview: House of Wolves – Prison of Elders


Now I know a lot of you Destiny players are a little salty that there won’t be a raid in the House of Wolves (won’t bother me much – raids were always a pain to find a party for). However the good people at Bungie won’t leave you in a lurch, for they will be unleashing a upon the world the Prison of Elders. Now we’ve heard of said prison before in cut scenes, but this will be the first time visiting it. Well ‘visiting’ maybe a little misleading; more like surviving the most dangerous enemies of the awoken in a horde mode game play style. Get ready for thunder dome people because it’s either going to be you or them – and them got nothing to lose.