Character Quotes: Maya Fey (Project X Zone 2)



Maya Fey is a woman of many talents: a spirit medium (in training technically), a legal aid, and the connoisseur (and carnivore) of fine hamburgers (how she stays skinny I’ll never know). However she is also psychic. Don’t believe me? Well take a look at this next quote; where she, and Phoenix Wright, meet the Boss of Shadoloo (Shadow Law?), the Psycho Driver himself, M.Bison in Project X Zone 2. In her one sentence here, she read the mind of every single Street Fighter fan since M.Bison’s redesign in Alpha – enjoy!





Character Quotes: Reiji Arisu (Project X Zone 2)


Well people it’s been while for the Character Quotes segment, almost three years (where does the time go). To be honest though there hasn’t been many quote worthy things in gaming (or anywhere else) for almost that long. Thanks goodness for Project X Zone 2, almost every cut scene has some nice quotables for me to enjoy and for this week I’ll share my favorite three so far – starting with Reiji Arisu.


The stoic, serious, multi weapon carrying member of the Shinra group is a man very use to reality going crazy on him. Really before he, and his partner/master/lover (maybe) Xiaomu hits the field, heroes and villains from all of hyper-time are already running amok in places (and times) they don’t belong. So the pair in Project X Zone 2 just sees this as another day in the office. However this quote from Reiji after seeing the Dragonturtle Mk. I is not only funny but shows that he like big, awesome, vehicles as much as the next man – yet he still stays on task.





Game Review: Project X Zone 2



They’re back! And just in time for the new year, from the good people of video games (some of them anyway): Project X Zone 2. So the story is giant gold chains some how break reality and iconic video game characters join forces to find out why and stop it. Yes I know there’s more to the story, but you don’t play PXZ 2 for the story, you play to see Jin & Kazuya from the Tekken series team up with with Phoenix Wright and Mia from Ace Attorney do an awesome 81 hit combo with with Chrom & Lucina from FE Awakening. Other than adding new characters, a shop to buy items, and including some customization options; Project X Zone 2 is just like Project X Zone. Although the original game did have better music than the sequel and I kind of miss the avatar characters, Kogoro & Mii, from the first game; Project X Zone 2 is a safe, but faithful follow up to the series. If your a fan of strategy titles with some fighting game elements in it, or a fan of the first game, then this will be a no brainier. Everyone else: try before buy.








Games and Gear (of 2016): Project X Zone 2


Project X Zone 2 is one of those game you don’t think that hard about, just sit back and enjoy the peanut butter in chocolate crazy moment that will coming our way soon.

Games & Gear of 2015: Project X Zone 2 (2015)



Yes people! Sometimes the good guys can win! If anyone didn’t know I loved Project X Zone back in 2013, sure it was long but I like to think of it as part of the challenge. Plus who doesn’t like video game characters beating the crap out of inter dimensional baddies. Well recently they announced the sequel, Project X Zone 2, to come out later this year. As Frank would say – Fantastic! Now I’m not quite sure if this game continues the misadventures of Mii (not our Miis) and Kogoro but I do know PxZ 2 will have mix of returning and new characters from Sega, Bandai, and Capcom. I can’t wait… Watch the video and tell me that doesn’t get you ready. Waiting is the hard part… 😦