Retro Review: Ultimate Angler

Welcome to yet another new segment I like to call ‘Retro Review’ where the Video Game Armada reviews a game/movie/product/thing at a time where it’s long past in the public eye. Why? Well for one thing it may have fallen through the cracks not getting the attention it deserves (for good or ill), but the honest answer is that some things don’t have the same priority as a ‘Destiny’ or a ‘Dragon Age Inquisition’ so they get left on the back burner. However every dog has its day and Retro Review is where it lives so let’s get started with Ultimate Angler on the Nintendo 3DS.




Now fishing is not actually the most simulation sport, it involves a lot of waiting actually – Zen like. Forget inner peace through because Ultimate Angler involve strategy, quick game play, and of course catching the big one. The game starts with your Mii just arriving on the islands ready to fish, one tutorial later you set off on an island hopping adventure to catch the legendary fishes in the area. Being a street pass game other Miis are a must, here they provide bait for your game – the same color as their shirts. Different fishes like different bait and if you get the right Miis you can get major hauls every fishing spot you come across. Guest Miis also can help you land bigger catches you hook, so always try for max Miis before you cast off. What can you do on your own you say? Plenty! On the water players can combine your bait into larger, more effective stuff that ups your odds of bigger fish. Back at the clubhouse you can keep your catches in plain or specialized fish tanks, customize your rods to be more effective, and even view other Miis catches and see what’s waiting for you in the future.




Ultimate Angler is another great title from PROPE that’s a simplified fishing experience in the palm of your hand. It’s not a sim either so you’ll have a lot of light hearted fun with every cast. The only downside honestly is that it’s all depended on street pass Miis (or play coins) so if you don’t have many 3DS friends or play coins you’ll be stuck. However with the launch of the new 3DS, and how awesome it is, the lack of Miis won’t be a problem for long. So for catching this whooper of a title on the 3DS Ultimate Angler gets a Pass from me. It won’t break any records but it more than good enough to stuff and mount on the wall.









Games & Gear of 2015: Rodea the Sky Soldier (9/22/2015)



Very little is known about Rodea the Sky Soldier, in fact most (myself included) believes it plays like Sonic crossed with Nights into Dreams – which is not a bad thing. So why put a relative unknown into the Game & Gear list of 2015? Well for two reasons: one because its being developed by PROPE, the same company that made some of those awesome 3DS games for your Mii (and a new game just released on 3DS– review pending). Two, because games are become less fantastic and more ‘real’, don’t get me wrong they’re slowly coming back from the dark side, but still too many games feature graphic violence – and this is coming from a guy who kind of likes graphic violence. The mascot games of yore have all but disappeared and someone (other than Nintendo of course) gotta bring them back. Rodea the Sky Soldier might be the start of the second renascence I am hopping for, we’ll see this September.







The Fall of Games: Review Week – Monster Manor



In this game players take on the role of an investigator who was hired to discover the mystery of monster manor along with your plucky young sidekick who I’ll just call ‘plucky’ because I forgot what her name it. Anyway the mystery wasn’t so hard to figure because it was ghosts, and thanks to their otherworldly ghostly powers you can’t escape the manor (well let’s pretend you can’t).  However there’s hope, the manor also mii jacks all the street pass mii you come across with. They have map pieces of the manor’s interior (why do they have them? you’re asking too many questions) and are  more than willing to give them up if you figure out how to get out this crazy place and defeat the ghosts along the way. So basically Monster Manor is a thinking mii’s game: there are an unknown number of floors in the scary estate and each floor is shrouded in mystery. That’s when the map pieces from the street pass mii’s come in. Each piece contains various shapes for hallways on the floors, it’s up to you to figure out which piece will fit just right in a floor, but it doesn’t stop there. Players also have to think ahead when they place pieces because each piece will be in the favorite color (from their shirt)  of the Mii you received it from; if you match pieces of the same color with one another then they’ll change from a hallway to a room. A room will have all sorts of goodies like weapons, gems, items, a place to store all your stuff, even other miis to help you once again and more. Speaking of weapons, you’ll be using blasters to fight the undead. You’ll start will a rusty blaster but if you’re a good detective you’ll better blasters that have elemental effects and special abilities. Players can even upgrade them if they got the right materials. Monster Manor, like all the new 3DS street pass games, is a lot of fun and certainly worth the $5 I paid to the sales bunny for the title. There’s nothing left to say but bustin makes me feel good baby.












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