Let’s Review: EA Play (EA’s E3 Press Conference of 2017)


E3 is here again and with 2017 already a stellar year for gaming the show should be excellent. So who’s first to start? EA of course. How did they do? Well here’s my summary of their E3 presentation.










This just in (Or not): New Hero Reveal


Time for a little monkey business in ‘This just in’ today. Find out who’s the newest character coming to Paragon , you’ll go ape! Last prime ape joke, promise.





Let’s Watch: Sony E3 Press Conference of 2016

E3 2016


Sony & the PlayStation 4. The winner of the last year’s E3 thanks to cunning exclusive titles (timed or otherwise) and no spread sheets (see 2014’s E3 to see what I’m talking about). Since then they’ve been riding high with popularity and profits not seen since the PS2 era. So will the storied run of Sony 4th generation console continue on at E3, or will their successes make them complacent at the show? Watch on and find out – we’re almost done!












Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Cole MacGrath)



There are reluctant heroes, there are emo anti-heroes, and then there’s Cole MacGrath. Cole was as painfully average as a person can be, a content parcel deliverer and I guess amateur parkour guy. Well most of that changed when a package he was delivering exploded in his hands. No, he didn’t die, but was galvanized with the ability to wield and weaponize electricity. Now most would be scared sure, for about a minute, but when they realize they can shoot lightening out their fingers then things aren’t so bad after all. Cole is just so mopey about that fact it’s really sad, unless he’s trying to be an evil then he’s an emo try hard. So why make him a costume choice if his character is so ‘Cole MacGrath’? Because Infamous 1 & 2 were awesome (Second Son wasn’t bad either), lightening powers are boss, and everyone else in the game other than Cole were just fine (even his future self was a more interesting (uh, spoilers)). In fact I’m changing the choice, be Kessler instead: cooler look, more powerful, better back story, triple ‘A’ choice right there. Dodged a bullet people, dodge a bullet.




Armada’s E3 picks: Shenmue 3 (TBA)



I never played but I know a lot of you did, now that it’s funded, I can see what the hub-bub is… Sooner to later.

Gift Guide for Great Gamers: Infamous – Second Son



Super heroes are big right now and unfortunately there aren’t a lot of offline super heroes’ games out there that don’t suck or get stuck with a next year release date. Well good news people! Infamous – Second Son is one such superhero/anti-hero title that will tie you over til the next year. It has it all: open world city, awesome powers (some of which you get to steal), side missions, drama, next-gen power, and stickin it to da man. The game even has a DLC ready to go to expand the adventure and provide some back story. This PS4 exclusive is a gem for people just getting the system and wants to know what the hub-bub is all about. So make that person’s Christmas Day and buy it, it’s no Arkham Knight but playing as an anarchist version of Rogue and Nightcrawller ain’t bad either.







Armada’s E3 picks: BroForce (PS4-2015)


Ah the 8 bit era – a magical time in gaming where story only existed in the instruction manual, graphics were more a kin to abstract art, and you only needed two buttons to win: fight and jump. Well good news people those days are coming back to the consoles; Shovel Knight is already out for Wii U & 3DS, and BroForce is coming to PlayStation 4 (and maybe Xbox One) next year. The Story: kill & blow things up – that’s it really. Oh, and your characters, the most famous ‘Bros’ of the 80’s, 90’s, and today like Brommando, Bro Dredd, Brochete and more. This game is still in Beta, which you can pay to play on Steam or Humble, but you can also play the demo for free on their website. Me? I’m going to wait until the game official release before I play because their list of Bros is still too meager and I know it’s only a matter of time before they add the Brock, Bro Lee, J.C. Bro Damme, and 00 Bro to the party.