This just in (Or not) – Guild Wars 2 public beta goes live in three days


Well people in an direct response to the swtor free play weekend (well, I don’t have proof of this, but come on people it’s too freaken close to be coincidence) Arena Net is letting the masses play an open and public beta in three days’ time. A few cavitates however: 1) there is no guarantee to gain access to this or any future Beta Weekend Events accept for preordering the Guild Wars 2 game (which I’m going to do after I get done writing this). 2) You choice of races are limited (charr, human, or norn races respectively), which is a shame, I was looking forward to playing as an Asura (next time, gadget, next time). Other than that, the only limitations you’ll have is your own imagination and your ability to stay awake after your 18th hour of straight playing.





Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Starhawk (5/8/12)


After my near embarrassment of going to war with the developers of Skullgirls for not releasing the game to the general public before holding tournaments on the said game (a long story – and a joke people, a joke); I realized it’s time to address the rest of my ‘Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded’ listed games. Now that spring is here and summer is sure to follow the latest high end games have not only updated websites but release dates as well – such as Starhawk. As an E3 pick of ours you all probably know all the basics already: a pseudo sequel to WarHawk, set in a future where ‘Rift Energy’ is the new euro, players uses said energy to airdrop everything from building to vehicles to wage war against the enemy, and like the first game it can played online with up to 32 players. That’s pretty much it, nothing new has been added (other than split screen – still) but after their public beta the buzz has been very good and those same players are chopping at the bit to play it again. Well no worries mates, the game will be available to all in less than a month’s time.