Games and Gear (of E3 2017): The Crew 2







Gift Guide for Great Gamers: Mario Kart 8



Know someone getting a Wii U this year? Great! Buy them Mario Kart 8. Why? Because it’s Mario Kart 8, don’t have Luigi death stare you into submission.


Yes people we got the DLCs






Armada’s E3 picks: The Crew (11/11/2014)


Again, I’ve talked about WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much already about this game so I’ll just say that this game just keeps getting awesomer over time because now The Crew won some awards at E3, great! But the release date got pushed back, boo! Oh well it’s the thing this year and we still get to play it this year so it evens out.






Games & Gear of 2014 – The Crew (11/11/2014)


Well people this is one I’ve talked about WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much already so I’ll just say that the Crew is one part Burnout Paradise, another part Fast & Furious, two more parts open world city and customizable vehicles, and the rest parts awesome! It’s been a long time since a racing title (outside of Mario Kart) got me chomping at the bit this bad so you know its going to be a real winner. Then again I’ve been wrong before, and a lot can happen between now and November, still I have high hopes for this title for the simple fact that it might be to big and inventive to fail.