This just in (Or not): Swtor Digital Expansion – Galactic Starfighter



Well people I hope you’re happy, I’ve been hearing people complain about this almost since the release Star Wars: The Old Republic – non rail ship combat. As always BioWare complies with the whineyness of certain gamers because they’re cool like that. Seriously though the digital update entitled ‘Galactic Starfighter’ will allow players to own their own space fighter and wage dog fights against other players in asteroid fields, near large suns, and of course space stations just waiting to be blown to bits. Wait, there’s more! If you subscribe to swtor before November 1st you’ll get early access to the digital goodness before anyone else and a whole slew extra neat stuff too. So I expect all those people talking smack about the space missions to subscribe, it’s put up or shut up time now.



In other news…


I’m sad to report that the killer new IP ‘Watch Dogs’ won’t be releasing until 2014, which is a bummer; but you know what? They can take as long as they need to prevent another GTA Online. I’ll still not over that…




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