Wow, Really… – Denial Care rap


Ok, this one comes from Blu, and honestly I’m not quite sure how to go about this. Basically the fine people at the Oregon Dental Association decided to take a unique route on informing kids of proper oral health care: by producing a rap video entitled ‘Teach Me How to Brushy‘. This is a PSA, no doubt about that; it cheesy, corny, and smacks of playhouse Disney. However it’s gaining quite a bit of popularity and its Cinematography is actually pretty decent. Plus I’m for anything telling people to brush their teeth more often; there are far too many people with stank breath in the world today (and you know who you are –, Listerine, Cool Mint, it’s a good thing). Anyway, enjoy.




This Just in (or Not) – Will Smith’s N.C.R. Preview


Well Will Smith is coming back to music, I knew it was a matter of time. The Album, called N.C.R., will be out this spring – here’s a sample.

Rybbo Ybnem Vuumc ajanouha!