Characters of Color – Tavish ‘The Demoman’ Degroot


Yeah, he’s a toy now. Actually he’s the perfect toy – teach kids everywhere that the best way to solve problems is to drink heavily and blow sheetz up. Buy yours today!


Yeah, this one we all saw coming. To be honest I’m actually surprised with myself for not put up sooner everyone’s favorite angry, drunken, one eyed, black, Scottish, explosive expert: the Demoman. This master of bringing the boom was orphaned at a young age to cultivate his TNT talents in the cold cruel world. Which would have been preferable compared to his actual parents, who are bind, crazed, workaholics, who believe having fewer than 26 separate jobs is slacking off. With them finishing up his training he grew up knowing blowing things to kingdom come was the only way and peace can only be found in a bottle. Heck he tried to have a best friend in the blue soldier (please note: that the main characters are usually on the red team, also why would he be friends with the blue soldier when the red soldier is exactly like him? Maybe he likes blue? I don’t know…), but to prevent the merc teams from finding out that they’re working for the same people they instigated a feud between the two with the promise of new weapons and outright lies. So the Demoman, TF merc, exploder of stuff, legendry drunk, tragic Character of Color.